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  1. Another GMBM comment is that one of the things that kept them from playing some "deserving minor leaguers" was how healthy the team stayed throughout the season. Those guys typically get experience when the big leaguers are injured. On a personal note, I loved the "coasting 'til April" commentary. Like you can "coast" to 55 wins, including an 18-7-5 record in what was by far the toughest division in hockey. Analyzing the numbers, there's one reason we failed to win a championship this postseason and he wears #70.
  2. Regards the top 4 UFA's that would improve the team (guys they'd normally try to go and get) as Caps from last year's roster; Oshie, Williams, Alzner & Shattenkirk. Thinks they might be able to sign 1, MAYBE 2, of them.
  3. Why the (I use bad words) couldn't THAT Pittsburgh team have shown up Wednesday?
  4. Certainly wasn't because he was "lazy." SMH ETA: **** Kadri.
  5. You've got to figure on maybe 6-8 more good-to-great years out of Ovechkin. Mike Gartner scored nearly 400 goals his first 10 years, he scored just over 300 in his final 11 years after leaving D.C. You can still be very productive as a sniper as you age. With that in mind, you can't wait a whole lot longer for any teenagers to develop to capitalize on his talent window. There isn't much beyond Hershey at this point that will be able to help him from inside the organization.
  6. Think when your captain and top goal scorer for the last decade is taking horse tranquilizers to try and stay out there to and lead his team that might be of some importance.
  7. According to Game Score Analytics, Marc-Andre Fleury was the #1 player on the Penguins for the series. Braden Holtby was #15 for the Capitals. If you had told me Holtby would be, essentially, a 4th-liner for the playoffs, I'd've wondered how we'd get out of the first round.
  8. The Russian Hockey Federation announced Thursday Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin won’t represent Russia at the World Championships this summer because of a lower-body injury. After Russia’s 3-0 win over Denmark, Coach Oleg Znarok said Ovechkin was playing through knee and hamstring injuries during the Capitals’ playoff run. “Russia’s coaches contacted three Washington players (Ovi, Kuzy, Orlov), with all of them agreeing to travel to the tournament,” the Russian Hockey Federation said in its release. “However, during a conversation with coaches, Alexander Ovechkin stated that he is ready to join the team immediately as he always does, but doesn’t want to let the team down because he finished the NHL playoffs on pain numbing injections.” Washington’s breakdown day is expected to be Friday, where more details about Ovechkin’s injury could be released. In a first-round series against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ovechkin was flipped over on a low hip check by Nazem Kadri, and he had to be helped off the ice to the locker room, and he didn’t put any weight on his left leg. Ovechkin returned to that game after the first intermission and didn’t miss any time in the postseason, but it’s possible he was hurt on that play. That could also explain Ovechkin’s underwhelming performance in the second round of the playoffs, when he criticized himself after a Game 4 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Capitals Coach Barry Trotz then put him in a third-line role, and in Wednesday’s Game 7, he was on the ice for both of Pittsburgh’s goals and finished seventh in ice time among Washington’s forwards.
  9. I really hate that I'm doing this today. But I need to take my mind off last night. And thinking about next year and winning the whole damn thing the year after IT HAS TO BE THIS YEAR is making me feel marginally better. So this is what I've got; a projected salary cap of $76 million, FA's out the jackwagon, and a lot of tough decisions for GMBM. If I were in his shoes: Center - I'm not defending my position again on why you don't trade Backstrom, Ovechkin, Holtby, Kuzy, Carlson and the rest of your top 50 talent because they keep losing to other top 50 talent. So I'll start by saying that Backstrom and his $6.7M is staying because duh! As an RFA, Kuzy probably needs to be tendered in the 5.7M range. Can't let him go after the season he had. Eller's 3.5M is ghastly. Don't think he's worth that and honestly have no great attachment to him. I'd cut him and take a run at someone like Sam Gagner or Martin Hanzal. Or... maybe... at the quest of weakening our enemy... Nick Bonino. Winnik also can ply his trade elsewhere. Left Wing - Ovechkin stays. So does Burky. He's earned a 1-way deal, but I'd put him about 2/3 of Kuzy's total. MoJo's career campaign has him worth the 4.6M that I thought he wasn't last season, so kudos to him. Adding to that position would be nice, but the only real attractive option to me is still the guy I wanted last year, Thomas Vanek. $2M should be able to get him here. Right Wing - You still have Wilson at $2M and Beagle at $1.75M. The #1 priority this offseason is re-signing T.J. Oshie. I'm going to set his number at 5.75M, but I might be willing to go as high as $6.5M. The hardest decision this offseason, in my opinion is Justin Williams. He's a valuable asset, no question, but he's 35. Do you try to get younger? Is his 24/24/48 line easily replaceable? Is there a more attractive option out there? My conclusion; there really isn't. But I'd like to see if he'd take a discount to come back and free up some cap money. He's made over $40M in his career. He knows how close this team is and how good a chance he has to win another ring here. I say try for 2.5M. Brett Connolly is an RFA. If he wants to stay for 1M, great. Defense - Carlson and his $4M stays, as outlined before. Niskanen stays, unfortunately in the minds of some because I don't you're going to be able to unload his contract and Orpik's, so go with the younger guy. Shattenkirk obviously goes as well. Alzner... man that's a toughie. Up there with Williams. I hate to say it, but I don't think you give him much of a raise. If he isn't willing to stay for $3M, adios, because you have to have money to sign Orlov & Schmidt. Those two guys are going to cost you in the $4.5-5M neighborhood (combined), plus you've still got Chorney and Hershey talent to bring up. I’m not sure a relatively cheap acquisition like Kyle Quincey or Matt Hunwick is going to help our problems. Goalie - I think we might have one angry Holtbeast next year. He got his money last year and earned it and earned it again this year... until the playoffs. There was no more demonstrably furious guy on the ice after Game 7. He knows this postseason is on him. After seeing his GAA drop in his first four playoff appearances by .54, .36, .51, and .48 when compared to the regular season, this year his GAA rose in the playoffs by .40. And if you'd've told me he was getting pulled from a game, I'd say that would be a series we wouldn't win. And we didn't. The perhaps controversial move is letting Grubauer go. The reason? You acquired Pheonix Copley as part of the Shattenkirk trade. And you better sure as hell not make that a total disaster. He's played very well in Hershey, bump him up for about $1.3M and give up a chance against the big boys. Total: That puts you at $70.65M with about 5.35M left over to bring up some youngsters on minimal 2-way deals. I know it doesn't sound like there are major sweeping changes that hyper-reactive message boards usually like, but you’re committing career suicide as a GM if you trade away Dan Marino. You ride your thoroughbreds until they die. Even if he only scores 30-40 goals a season from now on, that kind of production is so difficult to replace. Training Camp Roster - 2017 LW – Alex Ovechkin, Marcus Johannson, Andre Burakovsky, Thomas Vanek, Jakub Vrana, Chris Bourque C – Nicklas Backstrom, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Sam Gagner, Jay Beagle, Travis Boyd, Chandler Stevenson RW – T.J. Oshie, Justin Williams, Tom Wilson, Jay Beagle, Stanislav Galiev, Paul Carey D – John Carlson, Karl Alzner, Matt Niskanen, Nate Schmidt, Dmitry Orlov, Taylor Chorney, Christian Djoos, Aaron Ness G – Braden Holtby, Pheonix Copley
  10. 12 hours ago Trotz was a genius for swapping Ovi & Burky and turning that into production from all 3 lines. Playing 7 D was keeping guys fresher in the back end. And now he's a moron For using the same strategy?
  11. 5v5 D has improved greatly since Game 2. I'd rather NOT have PIT on the PP tonight.
  12. Yes it could. There could be TWO Dan O'Hallorans.
  14. Only thing wrong about your post is Oshie has been mostly inside the PP1 diamond for 2 years now.
  15. Yeah, if we get a replay of '09, I still won't be calling for a detonation, but I'm sure there will be folks who will. But it's nice to know Kit thinks it's ending in regulation.