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  1. I can multitask. Review game and monitor trolls.
  2. Nope. We can't afford it. Besides, you're not going to take care of it, and walk it, and clean up its poo.💩💩💩💩💩
  3. BTW, very late shout-out to Kuzy. Didn't have his best game and got replaced in the dot a lot, but he won the draw clean on the OT winner. Keep grinding, make a play.
  4. I've never felt the need to go comment on another team's message boards. My penis just isn't that small.
  5. It's the assist of the playoffs. There wasn't a more perfect pass in the first round. The Leafs should put his number up in the rafters. ____________________ | #3752B | | R.W. Stanchion | ____________________
  6. In case you missed it... Ovi got Kadri back. 😂😂😂 #BahGawdHeBackDroppedHim
  7. Fun story: So because the game went to OT, the kitchen closed at the sports bar I was watching the game at. I go to the Wendy's drive-thru and my order comes to... $7.77! Jackpot! If this also means we will win 3 more 7-game series, I'll take it!
  8. Just another way of looking at the game. Every team uses it now. Here's tonight's:
  9. You guys remind me of us 8 years ago with a little more speed. I will happily not face you in future postseasons.
  10. And the winner for perfect product placement while describing the emotions of two fan bases goes to...
  11. Goals, assists, +/-, ice time, SOG, shot blocks, penalties taken/drawn, faceoffs, CORSI, whatever they can cram in.
  12. Game Score (analytics) ranked Kessel #1, Fleury #2, Malkin #3 for the series with nearly double the score of anyone else. Hell, it's the freakin' Pens, they're all dangerous, we hate them, let's kick their a$$! 👊
  13. BTW, props to the Leafs fans. As good an opposing playoff fan base as I can remember.