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  1. Ooooh! Just noticed I got 1000 likes. Do I get a prize? How about an extra "like" to use. I ran out yesterday. I don't understand why there is a limit of 10 likes.
  2. Yup. I tried soooooo hard to be nice too.......... Even though he gave himself away pretty early on. On a + note, we have Paid back. Hope he's not got any plans for the next couple of weeks..........
  3. Shame on you l A Foul masquerading as a Leaf. How pathetic. How amusing.
  4. Darlin' you were funny until you sent me the PM. Now, not so funny and looking at you like a lot of blokes with beards...........
  5. You think you can threaten me you C . REALLY luv? Really? For the record, it's either luvvie or luvvy. You sending me pm is totally out of order.
  6. A PM from our newest troll. "Sorry luvie im here to stay^^"
  7. Somebody posted a funny. It happens - a lot over here. A lot. One of your posts said that you liked Ovi pretty sure no c'aps fan would agree to your last sentence. You said in an earlier post that you want Ovi to win. You're done here luv' You're done. We have some real trolls coming. Thanks for the fun and all that, but if your own team doesn't want you, you've pretty much burnt your boats luvvie;.
  8. You consider your team to have come out impotent? No weapons? No guns. We never thought that. Not of us did.. Unlike you, it seems. Not a single one here would have ever come out with a phrase like that. Nor even considered it. You think you had no "guns"? That just shows EXACTLY how stupid you are. You have one of the best coaches in the league and one of the best new players in Matthews. You have a goaltender that played his heart out for your team. Instead of being on YOUR site, congratulating your team and commiserating with your compatriots on your loss, you're here trolling our boards. You're not a very good hockey fan. You're certainly not a very good Laffs fan and you're not a very good troll.
  9. You guess? Are you your teams senior accountant?
  10. I can string it along for a bit for excercise and certainly rub it's nose in it's own poo until it learns.........
  11. Maybe you need a bigger arena... oh.... wait.... Hey then you could afford better players............. Whooopsy........
  12. Just checking, but are you trying to make a really lame and late play at keeping this relevant?
  13. Aaaawwww! C'mon guys. A baby troll? Can't we keep it for just a little while?
  14. I thought you were from Australia?