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  1. Sleepy time for me now. I really, really would like to know who is answerable for and to our discussion boards.
  2. What makes you think he didn't? I, personally think it's quite an important issue to discuss and God only knows there's not much else to talk about. You got something else? Fill your boots........ I'd love to get back to talking hockey. That is why we're all here, after all.
  3. All Mods are volunteers, no? It's hardly Paid's job, or remit to recruit others. Surely that's down to whomever is running the site. Right now we have no idea as to who that is, so we have no recompense. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to make accountable. Hence we are left to our own devices and we do the best we can. Untill somebody steps up and takes ownership and responsibility, it is down to us to keep this forum running. I'm sorry that people like Maaco and derek feel butt-hurt, but if it wasn't for some of us, this site wouldn't even exist anymore and if it did it would be an extension of the Fouls site. It's very easy for somebody to come on recently and to criticise some of us. You weren't here before.
  4. I guess the first and foremost question is "who exactly is running this forum?" Who is responsible for the maintenance, the (recently disasterous) so-called upgrades? Who is responsible for the hiring of Mods and Admins? Who is responsible? Anybody?
  5. I could have sworn "Beergirl" was an admin from Toronto, but the Alzheimer's works its' magic sometimes... I still say capsmanager is an NHL plant. Even I couldn't have mucked up this site as much as he did.... and that's going some! I was kind of joking about interviewing for another Mod, but maybe that's not such a bad idea?
  6. Beergirl was admin, no? And "CAPSMANAGER" was NHL?
  7. To add again, I have posted on the "contact us" thingammy to ask for the NHL to deal with our admin issues and also our Moderator problems. I got a generic "Thank you for contacting us" response..................... That was it. I also pointed out that some of our regular posters were more than capable of taking on both, or either of the admin and/or Mod roles. .......... Nothing. Maybe we could go on every other teams site to "shop" for a Mod? The NHL hates us.
  8. To add, I believe that Mods have to be from other sites and aren't allowed to be pure Caps fans, for bias purposes. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding.
  9. We used to have two admins and two Mods. Then the NHL took over our site. Nuff said.
  10. This is true, sadly. Nobody here wants decent posters to go. If they don't like our protection of our boards, they could always just stick to posting about hockey, you know and not get involved in this other stuff. It's as distastefull to us as it us to everyone else, but as you've noted, we don't have the Mods to help out, or deal with this stuff. During the regular and also the off-season, this doesn't tend to be much of an issue. Post season is the usual "Troll season". Like I've said, you weren't here a couple and three years ago when we got inundated. Some of us here chose to fight back and clean house to allow people like you to come on here to talk about our Caps and hockey in general, without being harangued, harassed and belittled by, mostly, Fouls fans.
  11. Yup.... about them..... ummm. Not even a Caps Report to comment on. We could go back to the LOB thingammy and speculate why he wasn't in any of the Big Club discussions so far. Sorry, that's all I got.
  12. Pretty sure just about everybody on this forum would agree with that. Just too point out that posters from other teams that genuinely want to talk hockey,, tend to do so during the regular season. Those that suddenly turn up during the playoffs are usually treated with suspicion.
  13. And breathe.... We're good people on here. You will have a fabulous time with DC. when you visit. Great people. Do it! If you get the chance to meet 4Csps and Alta, that would be a bonus for you.
  14. Breathe babes. We got ya! B r e a t h e...