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  1. Yeah. That give away for the E/N was downright comical.
  2. Nope. They're still battling to stay.
  3. We haven't left the EU yet.....
  4. Liking young Walker.
  5. That PP actually looked organised.
  6. Just in time to see Big Willy score. ..... Oh, wait.....
  7. Graovac was the only rookie worth note for us. The rest - meh. Willy and TJ looked good. This is going to be a long and painfull season.
  8. Not been much else to cheer about so far.
  9. Willy sighting....
  10. Wrong site dude! Haven't you heard - hockey's back on...? .
  11. Got m timings mixed up. Looking messy again, but that's only to be expected. How have the penalties been so far in the first?
  12. Yeah, I read about the debacle of the last game. Tonight's game had no face-off penalties. The Habs got kicked out of the circle a few times and us a couple, but no penalties for it. Kuzy was really good on his face-offs tonight.
  13. Pretty messy overall. Loads and loads of dumb penalties that just kept on coming!!! Montreal with the first three, but then they got a bit more disciplined - unlike our boys. I thought the refs were pretty good tonight and if that's the way the officiating is going to proceed all season, this needs to be addressed pronto. Bowey looked good and Copley, but most of the rest of the rookies, not so much. Vrana was okay, but I think he'll have to do a bit more if he's going to shine. Of our regs, I thought Kuzy was great and having a lot of fun out there. Ovi was treading water. Willy needs to step up a notch. Hooks was good, mostly. Our PP was shocking. I know we scored twice on it, but it didn't look like anybody knew what they were doing, or where they were supposed to be and it was only Kuzy's hockey sense that got those first two goals. It will be interesting to see if these guys can get themselves organised in the next few games and if anyone else steps up. Thank goodness hockey is back!