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  1. Lol! Yep, one or two........ I Alan May.
  2. Ha ha ha! Let me guess... The moon was bright and full? Luv ya babes! Maybe next year... maybe I'll come over and disrupt your lives again..... For a short period of time. (Pun intended) Ha ha!
  3. It's the same religion. But yeah. I get it. I get what you're saying. I repeat that it isn't about religion, it's about power and religion is being used as a tool.
  4. Thanks for the PM. I have to disagree about pretty much most of what you posted here. Muslims are not all terrorists. There is nowhere in the Muslim religion, or any of their doctrine that says it's okay to blow up 8 year old kids. The people that do this are fundamentally damaged and mentally unsound. They are as much victims as the people they are used to kill and murder. It is the people that incite them to commit these atrocities that are to blame and they may use religion as an excuse, or reason, but you don't see them running towards their 40 virgins, do ya? They are using religion as a weapon, as an excuse. There is no religion in the world, on this earth that advocates what these poor saps are being asked to do. Told to do. Every single religion preaches peace and tolerance. This distortion towards terrorism is for personal power and political gain only. As for your prison comment, I'm sure they're all angry about something. Hell I get a little unnecessary once a month - every month, as you know.... It's got **** all to do with religion and my beliefs don't come in to it. Being locked up, I'm sure just focuses their pent up energies and their frustration distorts their views. It doesn't change the fact that murdering an 8 year old girl is an act of cowardice and that's how we should treat them. As cowards,
  5. Thank you. There was a muslim "preacher" who came over here for many years, (Hook Hand), who we in the UK tried to ban from coming here and tried to throw out many times, as a known agitator and instigator of extremism. He had some "family" here, so each and every time he went to the European Court of Human Rights and they upheld his claims for the right to see his "family" in the UK. This is one of the reasons many people voted for Brexit. We should have the right to allow, or refuse access to our country, especially when they are known terrorists, like this guy is. Brussels and the EU should NOT have the right to tell us who we can and can't allow into our country. That was the main selling point of Brexit. It worked. I agree with it. I voted for us to be able to govern ourselves. There are many, many more examples, albeit not as extreme, but still as valid. These latest violations, firstly the attack in London and then this latest one, where children were targeted....Personally, I think we should sue those stupid EU lawyers and hold them accountable and have them explain to the families of the deceased - IN PERSON - why they allowed this to happen. Let them tell these bereaved parents, the orphaned children and their friends WHY these terrorists are allowed to stay here and how they have more rights than them, or their parents, or their children. TO BE CLEAR. The Muslim community in Manchester have absolutely and unconditionally condemned this latest action. It isn't a religious thing, it's a power thing, a political thing and it has very little to do with any moral or even regional bias. Europe has been the main target of these stupid and misguided fools and idiots, tho you in the USA have your fair share also. There are stupid people everywhere. Does that answer your question?
  6. Bieksa properly threw his toys out of the pram! Congrats to the Preds. 1* Pekka Rinne, for sure, or maybe that Sissons fella........
  7. Ooooh! Corey Perry's a dirty little ****.
  8. Thanks. I very much appreciate your thoughts. 19 dead and 50 injured is the report so far, but no details. Place was full of kids. Police are treating it as a terror attack, but no details are being released, I assume until they contact the families. Looked like absolute chaos and panic. Heading down to London in the morning. Keep calm and carry on!
  9. 7 - 0. I feel bad for Ottowa.
  10. 5 - 0 is looking like a done deal.
  11. Fouls 4 - 0 up in the first and Anderson pulled. NHL must be happy. Sens being totally out classed.
  12. Got the Quacks/Preds on. If only our team had played with half the intensity of either of these teams.....
  13. Now I've broken my "holiday" thingammy, I would just like to say "WELCOME" Thank you for your explanation. That counts for a lot. We have a lot of rubbish on here at this time of year. Some of us (me) get a little over-protective .Some tips for ya. Ask Questions. I learned pretty much everything I know about hockey from the people on this board. Watch games, see the discussions, ask questions. At the end of the day, you will need to make up your own mind and you will. Welcome.
  14. I thought it would be good for some of the newbies to bond and discuss without our intervention. I confess to not lasting very long........
  15. Hey, some of you oldies Fancy taking a coupe of weeks off? Let these balshy newbies fend for themselves for a couple of weeks? See how they get on. No peeking on the boards tho..... 2 weeks?