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  1. I went to the loo.
  2. Not very happy with this game.
  3. Kuzy earned that! Good job by him!
  4. No sign of the troll............. WHOOOO HOOO! I don't mean to gloat, but, I kind of feel free again. Phew! I feel like I can post here again,without being challenged for no reason. Or just for the sake of it. Or, just because he was a hot dog and needed to make a statement, for the sake of it! I don't even care if I'm wrong. I'm just glad he's gone.
  5. Some hockey would be nice.
  6. You know exactly who I'm talking about luv! He thinks he can take over that site now. I just want to avoid him like the plague! All I want is fun conversations. to want to talk hockey and laugh and joke with some mates and have fun in GDT's, with you peeps over the pond and elsewhere. Then have proper, but still fun conversations in other threads. Why is that so hard?
  7. Has that fudking troll finally gone?
  8. GOOD! Thank you. I heard that someone was ejected from these boards and to be honest, I half thought it was me.... I am still in support of AJ, no question. Just so' you know...
  9. I luv ya babes, but this is tricky...........
  10. Well, Lady;s still sticking it in every chance she gets, and I haven't seen any essays recently, so I'm wondering if it's Jags who's gone? Why would that be?
  11. Admins are the only ones who can enforce a ban on these boards. Mods can recommend discipline, but only Admins aka CAPSMANAGER, our only Admin, can execute .
  12. ...... May I ask who it is that has been ejected from these boards? Also why? I'm assuming it's not me, as I can still post.... so....? I got that info from the other site. The "support AJ site. I have to support that site, in principle, however, I am still loyal to people on here. Tricky, for me. I wish to offer a service. I wish to offer to be an intermediary between AJ and MBayne. IF that can be arranged. Both were huge influences on here and long standing members and that one stupid incident, just got completely out of hand. If it can be done?