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  1. [quote name=difer]But didn't I read someone where that Bettman was "hinting" that ESPN wanted hockey back? If that ends up being the case, then that would help increase the league revenue.Getting back on ESPN could be a huge step in the right direction for the NHL assuming it could work out a mutually beneficial deal. Versus is better than nothing, but nowhere near the exposure that ESPN could provide...
  2. Ken, StubHub has several pairs of lower bowl tickets for sale at the moment, www.stubhub.com, $39 to $45 per. I've used them for other tickets before and they've been reliable. Good luck.
  3. I think if we saw more of this kind of sacrifice from everybody on the team during the series with the Habs, we'd still be in the playoffs... Hats off to Nicky. He certainly deserves the recognition. It was an amazing display. Here's a link for those who don't remember the particular play they're referring to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcO8X3jTGLo'>://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcO8X3jTGLo
  4. Sorry you two. You've clearly violated NHL.com policy by carrying on a civil hockey related discussion between fans of opposing teams without once resorting to name calling, poor grammar, or gratuitous use of non-alphanumeric characters. Don't let it happen again or you'll probably be reported. That, or people will start expecting it. Sportsmanship. What a concept.
  5. Great thread! Especially great considering the recent competition. We've been living with the label of 'offense first/defense be damned' all year long. Worked out ok in the regular season and they were sure fun to watch, but the playoffs are different. Could we be playing better D? It absolutely wouldn't hurt. Green looked so out of sorts in Game 5 it wasn't funny. Not sure why, but the whole team looks tense, like they're worried about making a mistake. Do we really have to play significantly better D? Not necessarily if, and this is a huge if, we can get the power play going. We scoring roughly 25% of time on the PP in the regular season, number one in the league. So far in the series with the Habs we have exactly 1 out of something like 25 chances, or about 4%. The Habs are holding and slashing the heck out of us, really slowing down our skill players. That's playoff hockey, but we're not making them pay. Think about how big another four or five goals on our side of the score sheet would be in this series if we converted even 15 or 20% on the power play. So, not that I don't want to see both the D and our PP improve, but if you gave me a choice I'd want to see us get the PP back on track. Just my two cents. Go Caps!
  6. We were at the games last night, too. There were a few boos, including one guy in the row behind us. Once the clapping started, the only booing I could still hear was the guy behind us. I guess he figured out he sounded foolish because even he gave it up after a while. Most everyone sang the last few lines. We didn't sound half bad. I thought it was a classy response. Unfortunately, now Montreal gets another turn. Let's hope we don't. Go Caps!
  7. Great story. Must have been a major let down not to get in, but gotta love the happy ending...
  8. [quote name=HockeyCritter] I think Green needs to go back to what he did right after the Olympic break; he simplified his game concentrating first on his defense. When he did that it appeared that he more readily cashed in on his offensive chances. Oh, and stop thinking, seriously. When Greenie overthinks things, things tend to go downhill very quickly. This is amazingly simple, helpful advice. It works for guys playing for millions of dollars a year and kids playing rec league. It works across every sport. No one plays their best when they're conscious of every move they're making. Especially in a speed sport like hockey where the best reactions are almost unconscious.The tricky bit is actually implementing it. Having you ever tried to not think about something? It ends up being the only thing you think about... Hopefully after a couple of years together BB would have a sense of how to coach these guys up, including Green, without getting in their head and making them think about it too much. Based on how flat they've come out in some big games, though, it seems like they get tense in pressure situations. Hopefully guys like Knuble and others with deep playoff experience can lighten the mood in the room. I think that would help them as much or more than just about anything else. Of course pasting the Habs in Montreal tonight wouldn't hurt, either... Go Caps!!!
  9. I thought Varly had a good game. Nice to see him returning to form. We can't blame the shoot-out loss on him if our shooters only net one goal. Which leads to my real question. While we're still winning, we're not seeing as many 5+ goal games as we've been used to. Have opposing defenses figured something out about our offense, are they just focusing more on 'D' with the playoffs approaching, or are we somewhat less motivated since we're so far out in front of everyone else? Perhaps it's a combination of all three. I'll take the point, but if we're burying a few more in the opposing net we win this game rather than going to a shootout in the first place. It certainly looked like we had some chances last night.
  10. [quote name='difer wrote: wcha-sioux']One thing that may favor the Pens in this is that the Caps haven't played since Saturday and could be flat. I could easily see this happening, and by the time the Caps wake up, the Pens could be up 3-0. Unfortunately, I have a feeling the Pens come out ready to go and the Caps start out with a "wait and see" approach. If we can't get up for the Pens in our own building after game 7 last year, we deserve what we get. Here's hoping we're wide awake from the opening faceoff. I'd like to see the Caps put the game away early and not give the Pens any reason to think they have a chance.
  11. Looks like Greene was going down on his own without any help from Tucker. Not sure what was called but if he doesn't go down, it's a routine play. I don't get suspension out of this at all. Option one on the graphic...
  12. Relatively civil discussion folks. Some interesting points on both sides. If we could just get the Republicans and Democrats to talk like this and think less about their parties and more about the country maybe we'd get somewhere. IMO, much of what really needed to get fixed could have been done in a much smaller bill that took effect immediately rather than this giant that stretches implementation out over almost ten years. According to this timeline http://www.thebeehive.org/health/health-care-reform-bill-what-does-it-mean-me-today?gclid=CMWxx6C00aACFQsMDQodsR3myw the piece that gets the most focus, covering the currently uninsured, doesn't actually happen until 2018/2019. If this was the important bit, why is just about the last thing to actually happen? By 2019 Thirty-two million, previously uninsured men, women and children, will be insured and receiving access to much-needed health care services.
  13. voted, as of 5:47PM EDT: Luongo 40% Ovi 39%