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  1. PB is thinking really hard trying to come up with his next stroke of genius. Hurry up dude. I have to catch some Zs. WTF She enjoyed both. Good job. I'm starting to feel bad having a go at you. You should really just probably leave and forget this ever happened.
  2. The pic is on your mom's phone. Let her show it to you though. Don't go snooping. I don't want you to see just how nasty she is. It was all her idea by the way. I would never think of doing that to a woman but she insisted.
  3. Are you really going to keep this up? I mean, I'm up for it if you are. I know that Australia is an entirely different state.
  4. Thanks. I'll need a laugh. But you'll probably get banned before too long.
  5. That was easy! Now let's move on.
  6. You didn't say what now? I posted the rule from the CBA after I said that I didn't think restructuring contracts was allowed and after you the wrote the quote above. Then I busted your balls with the loophole between your ears bit after you made the loophole comment. If busting balls is bullying then I guess you can call me a bully.
  7. Constituents... Glad I stayed up for that one. Too ******* much