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  1. What do you like to watch?
  2. You didn't swarm... The beard works.
  3. Nope!!! Not even!!! I grow the beard because I got tired of being swarmed by beautiful women.
  4. FTR I have no first-hand knowledge of this. I only know that it does not go away.
  5. Kind of like herpes...
  6. Amen, Mick.
  7. I move at my own pace, thank you very much.
  8. You can find all that here.
  9. I believe she thinks you are some type of fern...
  10. What's 30--40 pounds? lol
  11. I was merely pointing out who he was likely talking about. No need to get sassy. Having not seen any of the kids enough to make an informed opinion, I'd like to see Lewington get a real shot based on his toughness. And give O'Brien another go as well. and Djoos wouldn't be on the 4th line - 3rd pairing maybe. And just because they are young doesn't mean much. In fact I'd rather have those guys than a bunch of 30 year old AHL guys.
  12. Obviously you don't know the rules about secrets...