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  1. Hmmm. Care to recant?
  2. Attack? Hardly. I'm just laughing because you don't seem to remember your posts. For my part I've never hated on players and for the most part just tried to bring some levity. The constant complaining irked me too. I have never "attacked" you or got on you for being "positive". Do you recall discussions we had regarding Erskine? Talk about hating and complaining about a player. Anyhow. All water under the bridge and I'm hardly posting here now so whatever...
  3. Yeah... En route to a sweep by Detroit....
  4. SCF. 1998. He's Finnish.
  5. The joke kinda starts and stops with Esa....
  6. Lol, you attacked for positivity? Lol.
  7. I messaged you back, luv.
  8. Lil, tried to PM you. Said you can't receive messages?
  9. The brown bar-ba-loots. Duh
  10. They left with the brown bar-ba-loots...
  11. I'm tired. I might pass out before this game is over.
  12. Would you rather have Jagr or Eller?