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  1. I started watching hockey when my dad bought a satellite dish. Not like the dishes now, but a big one in the backyard that moved to link with various satellites as you typed in TS1 or TS2 - I think stood for telestar - there were a bunch of them. I would mostly get direct feeds from networks - no commercials and hear the broadcasters talk during breaks and this was before they would scramble them. After awhile I got to know which satellites were the best to look for games on. Al Koken would always look at himself in the monitor in a very smug and self-satisfied way before they would go live. These were the days of Mike Fornes and Al Koken - Koken did the color and Fornes the pbp. The first game a remember vividly was the Easter Epic... Blades of Steel was the **** on the NES, and some of the most memorable games from back then was TOR/DET.
  2. That's how it's done, rich!
  3. Yeah, at least make a funny...
  4. Yes I think so and I agree with you. But I tend to agree with alta also. I really worry about what is to come for England and France and us too if we don't do something differently.
  5. Big no goal call in favor of the Sens... 0-0 just into the 2nd. Getting chippy.
  6. A horrible thing to be sure. Prayers are with you all in the UK. Curious what your thoughts are on immigration and the status of your country...
  7. You are correct. It was a running theme turned joke around here years ago... "we could have had Getzlaf". Not many folks left from back then. Fehr was 18th and Getzlaf was 19th overall. Good draft for ANA as they also picked up Perry with the 28th pick.
  8. Then as it was, then again it will be And though the course may change sometimes Rivers always reach the sea Blind stars of fortune, each have several rays On the wings of maybe, down in birds of prey Kind of makes me feel sometimes, didn't have to grow But as the eagle leaves the nest, it's got so far to go Changes fill my time, baby, that's alright with me In the midst I think of you, and how it used to be Did you ever really need somebody And really need 'em bad Did you ever really want somebody The best love you ever had Do you ever remember me, baby Did it feel so good 'Cause it was just the first time And you knew you would Through the eyes an' I sparkle Senses growing keen Taste your love along the way See your feathers preen Kind of makes makes me feel sometimes Didn't have to grow We are eagles of one nest The nest is in our soul Vixen in my dreams, with great surprise to me Never thought I'd see your face The way it used to be Oh darlin', oh darlin' I'm never gonna leave you I never gonna leave Holdin' on, ten years gone Ten years gone, holdin' on, ten years gone Ten years gone, holdin' on
  9. I'd love to have Doughty but LA ain't letting him go and ftr I am not on the trade OV train. And we could have had Getzlaf, ya know...
  10. lol
  11. Yeah, I think Gruby is going to be a starter eventually somewhere. He's restricted this year. Dunno about Samsonov... He's just 20 though. I would think he would see some time with the Bears first. Copley will likely be the next backup in DC unless they bring in an inexpensive vet for that role.
  12. Glad I watched the gold medal game instead...
  13. Don't know that this was necessarily worthy of a thread but Sweden just won a World Championship with Nick scoring a goal in the shootout as they beat Canada 2-1. Great game! Nick still struggling at the dot though...