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    Lily great to see you here. I would really like to see this Board get back to what it was prior to the great defection. That was a great game by the Caps and yes the Caps had a much better season than most people believed. It would be incredible if we could somehow beat the Penguins. Obviously it won’t be easy. Have to play better at home. What is hard to believe is that we won this series but only won one game at home.
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    Last night against Florida was probably the first time in two decades that I was 100% agreement with how they lined them up. Since the Butch Cassidy/Ron Wilson days I've been scratching my about what they were thinking and this time I think Trotz got it right. Ovechkin-Kuznetsov-Wilson: I love Wilson opposite Ovechkin. He's the perfect compliment and does all the things you want the winger opposite of the great 8 to do. Like Chris Clark or Mike Knuble he can park himself in front of the net and go dig the puck out of the corners. He brings a ton of energy and it's infectious, a good thing for a guy like Ovie who is at his best when he's playing a physical game. Wilson has some scoring ability to boot. Kuznetsov flat out creates space on the ice on his own. Having him here allows for Backstrom to legitimize the second scoring line. Hopefully 92 can get healthy during the break. Burakovsky-Backstrom-Oshie: Finally a quality 2nd scoring line. 65 and 77 are almost anti-Capitals in that they are looking to pull the trigger. I go back to the Landover days of screaming from the stands for guys to stop it with the extra pass and put it on net. Backstrom is the ideal center for these two as he's always looking to dish. Leave these guys alone for a while and let them gain some chemistry. Vrana-Eller-Connoly: The best scoring line you can fashion with what's left. I'm not a big Connoly fan but he's here. He's having what looks like to be a career year for him and has chemistry with #20. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Vrana has exceeded my expectations and his speed adds a dangerous element to that line. Stephenson-Beagle-Chiason: I really don't care who's on here with Beagle, I just like that 18, 39 and DSP are fighting it out for a sweater each night. I do like what Stephenson's speed brings to the table with Beagle here and on the PK, but if on any given night you want to insert DSP into the lineup, I'm sure he'll be hungry and ready to produce. Same goes for Chiason. I've got the feeling with him there's some nasty just waiting to express itself.