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    Detroit Caps this is BS, you have run more people off this board than anyone and your attempt to run off Maacoshark is getting old. I am not sure what you have against him. I have found none of his posts to warrant your hostility towards him. If you don't like him just ignore him.
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    We had the skill, we had the talent, we lacked the conviction. I'm not crazy about some of the things GMBM has done, but I agree with an earlier poster ('Lil I think) that we had the best chance to win the Cup the last two years and the players on the ice and the coaches in the box didn't get it done. Now, the organization is paying for the "win it now" mentality GMBM employed. But, that was our best window. The Shattenkirk pickup exemplified the all-in mentality and I really don't fault GMBM for that though I know others, like D.C., disagree. I for one had no idea how badly Shattenkirk would shi-ite the bed.
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    Agreed. I like Winnik but he is utterably replaceable from a skillset level, though I do think he brings an attitude this team sorely lacks. LOB was fighting out of his weight [or height] class. LOB is something like 5'10 or 5'11 while Morin is 6'6". LOB is a middle weight taking on a heavy weight .... and apparently he paid the price. Quit poking the bear. I don't know about others, but I'd be more than thrilled if you and DC would just ignore each other. You can't play the victimhood card that DC and Lily are picking on you/stalking you, and then when they don't egg them on.
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    I have no doubt BMac takes orders from ownership, just like every GM in every pro sport does. And if you didn't like the Oshie trade, you may be the only one on the face of the earth. Oshie plays the game the right way. Obviously, the length of his recent deal is questionable but that doesn't mean the trade was. As for Shattenkirk, hindsight is 20/20. BMac had made clear what the mission was: win the Cup. Coming up with Shattenkirk was the ultimate going all in to win it now and I have zero problem with it. You're either in it to win it, or your not. They were and I fully supported it. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and start whining about it now.
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    Way to screw up a simple play NHL. Really? A penalty on a face-off.? It's hard enough to play men's league and do a face-off and try to remember if I get my stick down first because it's in my zone or if it's NHL rules and protocol says the visiting team puts their stick down. Just play the old rules and if you go too low you're getting a stick to the back and your nose is going into the ice. Really? You're going to give a power-play with two minutes to go in a Stanley Cup game 7 for some idiotic face-off violation that is covered in some idiotic rule for the sake of consistency? Whatever you did, NHL, get rid of this new rule that makes this a better "fan experience" because as a fan I'm telling you that you missed the train on this rule change. In the history of sport, no rule has been so egregiously misconstrued. You have created a solution looking for a problem.
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    called out on what? is everything a conspiracy? Ive been honest from the start. I really dont wish to fight with you or anyone here. I really dont know what you are trying to accomplish. Can we try to keep our differences to hockey instead of making it personal. I'm done with this ridiculous conversation.
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    Not trying to agitate you at all. I just disagree with part of your post. Am I not allowed to? I do agree with some of the stuff you said. Why rip Regina? It has a strong hockey history. Regina had a pro team called the Capitals playing in the WCHL. The tean eventually became the Chicago Blackhawks. The Regina Pats are oldest junior hockey club in the world. The Caps have ties with the Regina Pats. The first player they drafted in 74 was from the Pats. Several Pats alumni have been in the Caps system either playing, coaching or scouting. Even now our headcoach is a former Regina Pat. We also have 4 players in the system. Stevenson has played handful of games for the Caps and Connor Hobbs is a promising prospect. He had great year with the Pats last year. His biggest problem is that he takes too many chances. The had a great year and were number 1 ranked junior team. Only to lose in the WHL finals. Similiar to the Caps season. I'm not going to get into a debate about who knows more about hockey.
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    Surreylily, you must have had a bad night or something. I find this response to maacoshark to be totally unwarranted. To state he doesn't know anything about hockey is silly. My guess is he knows more about hockey than any of us. Furthermore, I have never found him to be confrontational. I think he has been a very valuable member of this Board and I don't understand why you are trying to run him off the board.
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    oh crap, shine is kickin, gotta go, too hard to type through one squinting eyeball
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    As far as I'm concerned we didn't overpay for Oshie. Stats wise he may be higher, but Oshie to me represents very much what someone like Beagle represents for us. Unlimited hard work and dedication. That is something we simply don't have enough of, and I think as an organization making sure you have that represented in every line, with as many players as possible is important. But I mean Oshie is up there in our roster in terms of hustle and work ethic. His size isn't great, which is really his only downside imo. But he plays bigger than he is, because that guy just has no fear. I think us keeping him long term was a great idea and deal. He took salary off for us even, from what he could of got on the open market, that if anything is him acknowledging inflated stats. But let's not pretend he doesn't have the type of intangibles that make great hockey players.
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    If I ever see anyone wearing this **** I'm gonna f**k 'em up.
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    Alta, I think you hit it right on the head with the comment about how we need a different head coach. I like Trotz but we need an jackwagon-hat of a coach like Tortarella to light a fire under their butts and make them accountable. Having a few "jerks" in the lineup may not be a bad thing either. Look at Columbus, added a jerk of a coach and they went from zero to the playoffs. Look at Nashville, added PK Subban and they make it to the cup finals. Playing nice and getting rolled over doesnt get it done even if you have all the talent in the world. Ovi is not the player he was in his first few years in the NHL. I know people on here worship the ground he walks on but he's not doing it anymore. He's not a 10 million dollar player and we need someone more hungry and an overall two way player to be the captain. Maybe make it Oshie? I would say Backstrom but he's too introverted and quiet in my opinion to be a captain. I also think he would not want the position. Just my thoughts. DC/Lady....can't wait to see you on the 16th.
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    In no particular order and all old school, starting around '86. Franceschetti, Hunter, Langway, Stevens, Iafrate, Dino, Bondra, Beaupre, May, Kypreos, Gould, Gus, Kono, Kordic (7 games as a Cap - 101 pims), Kelly Miller, Tinordi, Simon,...
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    no. It's not the seasons that have been long and painful. It's the postseasons that have been short and painful.
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    I beg to to differ, the goaltending interference rule is the most egregiously misconstrued. There has been exactly zero consistency with the enforcement of it. From the ice and replay booth
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    I sure hope the players adjust to the strict enforcement of the faceoff and slashing rules because all these penalties make these games almost unwatchable. It is really hard to tell how are young players are doing because so little of the game is played 5 on 5. From what I can tell Bowey is looking good.
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    Horse ****. Winnik and O'Brian are light years apart. Winnik is useful and if they can sign him at a bargain price they should. Shame on DC for posting Peluso vs Volpatti.....lol really dude??? That is your comp?? I know god damn well you know better than to buy into that BS.
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    Since I live in Arizona I don't know many Caps fans here but it's nice to see how their following has blossomed over the last decade. I remember "The goal" 8 scored on his back facing away from the net and how there weren't many Caps fans here that day. Could have been less than a hundred for all I know. But now, tons of Cap jerseys at the games. I LOVE that. I go every time they are here.
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    Five days to the beginning of hockey season. It can't get here soon enough.
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    Now named: "Anything But Hockey, Baseball, Alta's Penis, or Flame Wars" These internet fights are pretty dumb. Try ignoring people. It works for me.
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    I'll make ya deal, I'll let it go when we win they win second a Cup, or have a fan apology night where every fan gets a 5th of Jack Daniels, . . 😁😁🤗🤠
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    Somewhere in the world there's a "Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Champions 1998" shirt.
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    I agree. BMac will be a good GM. Maybe the lesson of the off season is to back off drafting the Russians, who have the KHL bargaining leverage that apparently both Kuzy and Orlov used to the max. I do wonder about the decision to hire a rook GM when you have a window of 2 -3 yrs to win a Cup. But that is a reflection on Leonsis, not BMac. I've been disappointed in Trotz's performance in the playoffs. He just doesn't seem ready for prime time and perhaps never will be. On the other hand, mostly need to look at the players. Words can't express my disappointment in the lack of fight in that third period of game 7 versus Pit. They completely folded, wilted and otherwise choked. They didn't go down fighting; they went down gagging. How many times do you need to see it? I'm at the point now that I think the core just doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to go deep, even if the team still had the talent. Just not the right mix. If it was up to me, I'd be starting the rebuild this season.
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    I don't think your his type.
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    There's no cap space. An additional move might still be needed just to get under the cap. It's a terrible situation and a big part of my pessimism when going into this season.
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    Nobody is trying to do anything of the sort - apart from you, it seems. In your first few forays on to our boards, you seemed pretty reasonable, but then go to page 5 of the 2017 playoff thread......... aaaand.... Then carry on to page 6........ where you blatantly call Oldhat a troll You have subsequently picked fights, more on personal grounds than anything else with many posters here. You don't just have normal criticisms of our team, but you seem to go out of your way to antagonise and criticise the regular posters on here, then have the cheek to condemn us for defending ourselves from people who do exactly what you have been doing, especially during playoff time. Then you play the "poor me" card? Sorry luv', it doesn't wash. I don't have any problem with you coming on here to talk hockey. Maybe you are a Caps fan, maybe you just did a bit of research, either way, stop being such a hypocrite and lose the personal attacks. If you're not a troll, stop acting like one.
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    Lol! I thought Dylan looked and sounded a bit more animated than usual. Did he go into rehab over the summer? Maybe they just fast-forwarded him?
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    No I don't miss George McPhee. Overall I think BMac has done a good job, this off season notwithstanding. I still think last season's team was the best team in Caps history and it is a damn shame we didn't win the Cup. However, I blame our failure more on Trotz than I do BMac. We had the players to win a Cup just didn't get it done. Now we need to revamp the roster and hope our youngsters come through. As I have said before I am looking forward to the season and watching the new players develop.
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    It’s so awesome when they go bank to the home team wearing white The way it god damn outta be
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    Excellent stuff. Alta, IMO!👍 That duo is beyond fantastic. Both Atkins and Knopfler, are two of the most underrated guitarists, in their respective styles of music, probably because their "real" talent, gets overshadowed somewhat, by their more popular songs, (which, of course, brings in the bacon)!! It's albums/songs like these, that are slightly more under the popular radar, that tell "THE REST OF THE STORY", and we are amazed! Awesome!!! I'm a fan of both men!! It was most likely Knopfler's honor to be able to play with such a legend as Chet Atkins. I'd never heard that song before, but really enjoyed the laid back style, and respectfully humorous tone, between them, as they poked some light fun at each other's music culture!! Chet's style is so SMOOTH!! Good stuff!! Thanks Alta, Rush
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    I was thrilled when I read 8/92 and 19/77. Makes so much sense. And Burakovsky is an ideal fit for 19/77 because it pairs him with 2 veterans and he's shown he's not afraid to shoot pull the trigger. As for that Ovechkin line, Vrana is too young, too undersized, and somebody on that line must be defensively responsible. I get why they'd consider the veteran Connoly but please no.... Wilson is the only guy I want to see there. He has the size to dig in the corners and park himself in front of the net. He's proven himself as a defensively minded player. His hands are decent enough for what Kuznetsov creates. He's going to make sure nobody takes liberties with our star talent. But most importantly he's a thousand miles an hour. A nonstop boost of energy and its contagious. I think Ovechkin would benefit greatly from having that youthful enthusiasm on the ice with him and the way those two can rattle the boards creates matchup headaches for the opponent. Don't care if he scores a dozen goals or not, he's a great fit for #8 IMO.
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    We may very well see, ( and I hope ), all kinds of strange line combos, in preseason, and first 10 or 20! Trotz has every reason in the world to adopt, like NFL training camps, the "no job is guaranteed to anyone" philosophy, during this camp, and preseason! He would have the right to, IMO, but whether he would DO IT, is another story. Hell, I hope he runs video of our last 3rd period that we played, and runs the crap out of those guys! LOL Rush
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    I have to disagree with this. I think we had the players to win the Cup and that is why a lot of the so called experts were picking us to win. The players and Trotz didn't get the job done for one reason or another. However, that was last year and it is over. Now we can focus on this year. On paper we do not have as good of team as last year but lets see how this team does.
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    I'm sure vrana will make the club. Dont care for his game though. I highly doubt Johansen or Hobbs make the club this year but both both are excellent prospects. I expect Bowey to make the club. He appears to be next in line. I think we have 4 or 5 prospects on D that could be solid NHL players. Not sure about Barber. Either Stephenson or O'Brien could crack the lineup. Maybe even both. Not sure Smith Pelly is guaranteed a spot on the roster. As the season goes on I can see the Caps giving a lot of their prospects some time with the club. It will be interesting to see who sticks with the club. Who knows what direction we go. I hope they lean to more physical and defensive players.
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    Sorry man, he's just a hack that has aggitated and pissed 99% of us, Including going after me, then Mr Face iof Face tough guy plays the victim card. Hell probably PM you crying about me soon enough. Just ignore him
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    Like this stupid game your trying play? Better stick to rolling dice and telling people your an elf king or what ever the hell you people do
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    I guess I am one of the two percent than, unlike you Detroit who knows everything about any topic. I found Maascoshark's post very informative and had no idea Elway's statistics were so pedestrian.
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    Thats absolutley true D.C., and an even better point! Give me simple, straight-on, tough, gritty, man-to-man, hockey, ANY DAY!!! Of course, the worry is that we've slipped too far down the slope of no return. Where rules and regs, are superseded with more rules and regs, and they tell two friends....and they tell two friends......and so on, and so on! Oh you got to be old-school if you remember that shampoo commercial!!!! Rush
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    or in my spot, a man can dream
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    I NEED one of those for opening night gonna have to personalize it though, put "it's our Stanley" on the back
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    Mennonite, Buddist, Church of Satan, and Southern Baptist
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    Agreed SD. I was one of those who applauded BMac for making the Shattenexcrement deal - who knew he'd turn out the way he did. Two years ago our D was exposed, and while he was billed as more of an offensive addition than a defensive addition, he still was a top 4 d-man for us trying to address a need. At the time, I saw a GM who was willing to go all-in to win a Cup - something we never saw GMGM do. Oh wait, I forgot, he went out and got Marty Erat.
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    Yeesh. No kidding. It's an anonymous person on the internet. There are many other things to worry about in life other than what someone decides to posts.
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    Yes, very sad and his most important legacy is the advice to GET THE DAMN COLONOSCOPIES WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO! But for more recent Caps fans, he was a huge figure in Caps history.
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    When has that ever held you back! LOL