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    DC thinks everything is bad. We will win the cup and he will say "Yea but let's see them do it again..."
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    Things I'd like to see the Caps do more in the playoffs: 1. Win
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    So I'm not sure about the last period or the OT but I wanted to ask a question. So I was noticing that our 1st ("star") line wasn't super effective as a unit .... some great individual play from Nicky and TJ. But then I noticed some guy wearing "8" on his jersey. It took me a while to notice him because some of the time it just looked like there were only 2 Caps forwards on the ice. Who is he???? Is he a rookie or, what I thought was maybe more likely, is he playing hurt ... I would have to think it was from coming back from a really bad concussion too early by a lot of the decisions he was making on the ice. But then it was like, he wasn't skating hard at least half of the time. He'd make a really good pass and then follow it up with 3 bad ones. Skate right into a 1-on-3 scenario and then not get onto the back-check after he coughed it up - like he was some how surprised that his slow skating didn't get him through all of those guys. And was his role in the "team defense" to just pick his nose while skating somewhere near our blue line? Honestly, who is this guy? I really hope we aren't paying him a lot so that we can resign guys like Connolly and Winnik who bring it every night they get a sweater.
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    Ovi needs to get a divorce. He's been useless since he got married.
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    Should have won this game in regulation. No excuse.
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    Get your own magic ball. My conversations with Brian are private. RFAs can accept a qualifying offer or go to arbitration - there is no free market. Or other teams can make an offer which the existing team can match - which is rare. I'm sure you already know this. Eller is way overpaid - no way he is worth 4.75 mil. Burt is 21 and is on the rise. If they let him go I'll kiss your jackwagon in the middle of F street and give you an hour to draw a crowd.
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    Now apply foot firmly to opponent's neck. Please
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    Orpik needs to sit... He's awful. Schmidt needs a sweater
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    Glad to see the boys show up. I thought they played very well against a good, fast team, and played together well as a team. Holtbeast had an awesome game, and I think Caps did very well overall. Good, strong PP (), and pretty good PK. Too many penalties, but couple of those were total Horse SHlT. Go back and watch Connely's penatly - yes he pushed him, but the guy paused and then jumped off his skates. I think there were at least four that that were badly called or just missed. Ovi had his stick broken with a slash and no call. Mojo got tripped down, which led to MIN clearing the zone and no call. I don't know what bothers me more - the missed calls or the bad calls. Also - glad to see these boards back to being a little more....supportive of our team. Reading through Ducks game posts....you'd think the Caps were in 10th place, out of the playoff race and on a 14 game slide...not a 4 game slide. Remember we did have a ten game winning streak and a 18-19? game streak at home. That has to balance out at some point. I know it's hard to watch/support them when the effort just appears not to be there...but I don't think that is always the case. Sometimes you are just not at your best, and sometimes you just get beat. Okay, off the soap box. Now all you REAL Cap fans & naysayers let me have it. And yes....I HAVE been a fan since the 70's, and I do KNOW the regular season means nothing, and I WILL wait and see how we do in the playoffs, but I'd also rather support my team through the ups and downs during the season as well as playoffs....even though Caps being in 1st place in the whole league despite a four game slide isn't exactly what I'd call the end of the world. GO CAPS!
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    Hasn't Schmidt now scored more goals than Shattencrap since he's got here?
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    I don't have a problem with newbies. I have a problem with trolls.
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    Nobody needs to stalk you. You have almost every other post here and most of them have little to do with hockey. I got into it with Mick years ago once over something small that was over quickly but other than that it's only been you, you and you. Oh yea and you. Spazzing on "newbies" 😩
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    I don't see why this team can't be perfect. Wtf
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    actually its not that they arent communicating its that they have been kidnapped and replaced with very large children. im pretty sure Carlson is just 3 peewee players in a trenchcoat.
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    The problem is either someone forgot to tell this team that they are the Capitals OR someone told this team they ARE the Capitals.
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    I on other hand, would make a BAD jackwagon President. . .
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    in all fairness. . .as a historical "lefty", theres a good bunch that have gone full on 'tard. As one of many fav Brits points out: . . .now back to hockey
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    Have to keep Alzner. He is the most under-the-radar top defensemen in the league. Also, have to find a way to sign Oshie. Here is the solution - trade Carlson. Dylan is over-rated and could bring a decent return. Way too often he is actually a liability on defense. Replace him with Chorney and extend Chorney at a much lower number than Carlson. Chorney is better than Dylan anyway. Of course, if we weren't burdened by the Orpik contract (I told you so, I told you so, I told you so.....), this wouldn't be a problem to begin with.
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    Someone needs to go "Full Simon" on him. Knock his jackwagon out cold. Otherwise, he'll keep doing this punk ****.
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    That was a bloody awful period. Rocket + jacksey required.
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    Gotta love being a Caps fan. We are odds on favorites to win the Cup. We take a week off. We come back as a VERY pedestrian hockey team. Not even playing at a pIayoff level. So fragile from the neck up.
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    I appreciate a man who doesn't take himself too seriously. Whatta goof.
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    Ice Guardians by Brett Harvey https://itun.es/us/Qp1Jgb I've been waiting for this!!! I've already bought it, just waiting to watch it with Lady It probably isn't for snowflakes that find following trends is a good way to avoid doing work and not having to stand up for themselves and others, which is who the "No Hit League Entertainment League" marketing to. It will be to violent and disturbing. Unless their looking for tweet-fooder to get their marytertaiment (which is great for a few lols and to spike the sales) For the rest of us, grab a bottle of whiskey,a cigars, a hot hockey girl and watch the best hockey we've seen this year!!
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    Didn't want to speak for everyone. Suspect Pit fans love DPS................
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    Probably suspension worth. OTOH, there is no rhyme or reason to DPS. For example, Malkin's leaping head shot to Wheeler a few weeks ago was even more deserving of a suspension, yet he got zippy. And they wonder why many think DPS is corrupt? http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Hockey/NHL/Winnipeg/2017/02/17/22704874.html
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    Heh didn't we say this weeks ago? But, GMBM thought we needed another offensive puck moving Dman and ratings on Deadline Day, even if his goal is pad his stats for his next contract
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    Let's get a couple of things straight here luv'. I don't know who you are and I don't care who you are. This is a hockey site. A Washington Capitals hockey site. This is OUR discussion board. If you have a beef with me, take it up with ME, Send me a PM. Whatever your pathetic personal grievance is with me, it has nothing to do with anyone else. Right? ???? Right??????
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    You have to get a better link, you're killing us
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    No scoring, no goaltending... No Ovy, no Nicky, and Shattenkirk looks like ****. Carlson just plain SUCKS
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    If those lines don't work and you really want to send a message.. Put Ovechkin on the 4th, with Eller and Vrana, move the entire (best) line of Winnik, Beagle, Wilson to the 3rd. DONT roll 4 lines and give Ovie's lazy jackwagon 4th line about 8 minutes.. That sends a message, keeps your best line together and lets the rest of them wonder if they're next to get the demotion.. Even if it results in a loss you send a "real" message.. All Trotz is doing tonight is punishing Winnik and Beagle.. lol 10-19-77 90-92-14 26-83-43 8-20-13
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    They almost brought him along on the trip but felt with their limited practice time on the west coast he'd be better off staying in DC. He's close.
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    Olesiak is one guy though.. (And lets be real, has Ovie ever won a board battle? lol) But they didn't win a single battle before the midway point of the 2nd, that I saw.. Dallas was faster to the puck and stronger on the puck, in both zones. So far Shattenkirk hasn't done anything, imo, but **** up the chemistry.. PP showed signs of life, but who really cares about the PP come playoff time? It's a bonus if successful, but we've seen that movie too.. They just need to get their **** together and get back to playing both ways/hard every shift!!
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    I seen the movie last year.. Ending sux.
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    It was Oshie and he pushed across the crease pretty damn fast. Give credit where it's due.
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    One problem with the system is the jackass zebra staff gets a pregame report on who has been committing what fowls with what frequency. So you add bad calls, and some obvious bias, to that and it makes a bad problem exponentially worse
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    LMAO - got to give credit where credit is due. Gratuitous use of hot dog humor, double entendre, PLUS celestial terminology ....
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    It was a pretty nice slash... Choopyity chop chop. Although he really got into making that call. I think he may have had a waxing erection.
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    For shame, Lady. This is a family-friendly forum. If I weren't a juvenile trapped in an adult's body, I'd take offense to innuendo like that. But I am, so I don't. WOMB-BROOM *teeheehee*
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    F U bayne... My eyes!! That's why Food Lion still has paper bags. And the Caps pretty much need to look out for the game of hockey in the playoffs.
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    You are not giving DC enough credit. We win back to back cups and he'll say "Yeh, but we dind't leeve them bloody enuf and they made us look like puusies skating around the rink with the Cup!" (even got some DC spelling going for you) All in good fun DC.... I think this is a good trade...it makes us a better team for THIS YEAR'S playoffs...and Caps have so many question marks after this year. Now is the time. How can you say this is a bad move? As someone else pointed out, loss of Sanford - Meh. (long term, yeah, but THIS PLAYOFF RUN..not so much) I liked Sanford, but we are a better team with Capn Kirk. Improving our D core is improving our D core....whether it is offensively or defensively, and I don't see Cap'n Kirk as a defensive liability. Depth on D and lack of secondary scoring cost us last year in the playoffs. Kirky improves both. Plus it puts Orpik in bottom six which is good for him. I would love to lose his salary hit, but he is solid enough (especially at bottom 6) and he still brings toughness. I don't mind at all keeping Orpik thru the playoffs.
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    If Shattenkirk does nothing but replace Dylan on the PP, the trade will have been worth it.
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    Caught front row tix at the Nucks game tonight & got a souvenir puck to go with it, Ward playing the willy role slamming into people during game warmups.
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    I love it when people who have never played professional hockey think they know more about what it takes to win the Cup than a GM who has not only played professional hockey but who won the Cup. Also, as I recall he was no shrinking violet. Anyone who knows anything about hockey believes the Caps are one of the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this year. There are no gurantees but I think GMBM has done a hell of a job building this team and Trotz has done an excellent job as coach.