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    In the absence of such, we have what we have and, for most of us, it works. Based on past history, new posters, especially those around playoff time, are treated with suspicion. Those who are respectful and honest in their criticisms / opinions are welcomed, those that aren't are treated harshly. Have some been driven some away? Sure. For those of us who enjoy actually discussing the Caps, the loss of the trolls outweighs the loss of those unwilling to play by the unwritten rules. I, unsuccessfully at times, try to ignore the trolls and have learned to use the "Ignore" feature. Others take a more active approach to the trolls. While there are times I wish "we" weren't quite so harsh, I appreciate the cleansing of the boards. As they say, "it is what it is". If the terms of this board are not acceptable, there are other boards trolls can be disrespectful on.
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    First, I said this may be a good year for the playoffs not that the team would be better than last years team. It's pretty hard to replicate the past two seasons of regular season dominance but it is not hard to do better than we have in the playoffs. The statement is based of the team having to fight their way into the playoffs and thus never having that "these games don't actually matter," mentality that we always enter the playoffs with. Second, you act like losing Alzner, Schmidt, MoJo, and Williams has crippled our team, that their presence was so essential to our success that without them we will be nothing... News flash, none of those players were are best players and we still have a very potent top 6, our top 4 defensemen are good, and our goalie is the best. Eller has already proven to improve the play of any wingers that surround him and Jay Beagle will push the 4th line to be as good as it's always been. This is addition by subtraction. With the loss of those 4 players we will be adding in 4 players who will have an unknown impact on the individuals they are paired with, as well as, the overall success of the Washington Capitals this year. Who knows... maybe that is just "wishful Caps fan," thinking and your all knowing pessimistic crystal ball says differently. What is the point of taking the time to provide "fancy stats," when all you are going to do is ignore them and decide that your opinion is more valid? Goals are Goals, whether they are beautiful snipes or down in the trenches deflections, it doesn't matter how it goes in the player still has to be in the right place at the right time... With that assessment every goal the Ovi has had is just right place, right time or the goalie was in the wrong place at the wrong time... Other than that, Ovi is just a big man that throws the body with below average hands... Right? Tom Wilson averaged nearly 14 minutes TOI in the playoffs... Do you know why? Penalty killing. So don't give some random number (15+) and act like he has had an honest shot at actually spending 15 minutes TOI in an even strength capacity and still wasn't producing for us. AND there is absolutely a difference between being on a line with Kuzy and Bura than there is being on a line with Eller and Connolly. Your assessment of Tom Wilson shows nothing more than a bias against him and with little evidence to prove anything you have said should therefore be completely ignored. Oh... I don't know... How about Jakob Vrana? Maybe Riley Barber? Maybe Madison Bower? Maybe Lucas Johansen? Maybe Tyler Lewington? Maybe Jonas Siegenthaler? You know... All the guys that will be trying to fill one of those spots that we need filled? OR Just maybe Connolly has a break out year, we did see flashes of offensive potential last season.... Maybe Tom Wilson with added minutes has a great year.... But you're probably right... none of those guys even have a shot at being a star in the NHL. It's actually nothing like saying that. We have players that are talented and have been underutilized due to the fact that our top 6/top 9 has been rather congested. Now that this is not an issue those players will get more opportunities outside of the roles they have been put into because they have to be given those opportunities. I wish people would stop acting like the loss of those 4 players nullifies the talent we still have on the team. It is not evidence of the Capitals being worse just because the team make up is different. Literally, every statement you have made is vague and without anything to show.
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    It's funny all the complaining about the same ole, same ole, when these boards are pretty much the exact same thing. We all want more big blue collar guys that score 25 goals. We all want more bone crunching D-men, who can move the puck as well. We all want our superstars to be superstar two-way players. We all female dog in heat and moan when management makes no changes at the deadline, then female dog in heat and moan about making changes at the deadline that fail. We all female dog in heat and moan about not shaking things up and then female dog in heat and moan when they do shake things up. News flash.....I'll bet BMAC wanted a lot of the same things we wanted, but it's so does EVERY OTHER GM and there are a very limited number of these players out there. I'll bet BMAC is a better General Manager than any of us would ever be. Hindsight is 20/20 for all of us. I can't believe all the knocking of Kuzy. Yes the contract was too high, but guess what....that's what it took to keep him. Can you imagine the uproar on these boards if we let him walk? How LONG did this team SUFFER GREATLY for a 2C? Now we have one (yes, agreed not yet to his full potential, but you really gonna let him walk? Not me.) All the whining about Scmidt...Yeah, he's was a popular guy with lots of POTENTIAL, but he was NOT our best D. He wasn't even good enough to make the line up, and now that he's gone, he was the best D we had? I liked him and would like to see IF he could have lived up to all the hype he is now getting, but I think that was the point of the generous expansion draft....so Vegas could pick up GOOD players from every team. Alzner wasn't coming back. PERIOD. SO you have to do the best you can with what's left. IF you had Alzner, then you could AFFORD to lose Niskanen and protect Schmidt. Imagine all the bitching on these boards if we lost both Alzner and Nisky, but protected Scmidt. Our D core would be one old guy, one overpaid Russian and a bunch of ???? I would have loved to see the Caps make some big time moves for same real players, but at what cost? Once the decision was made to protect OVI, I think very little else was going to change, simply based on salaries. All this talk about video game hockey? What... cause WE all know more than the GM's and Coaches that ARE experts who live and breath NHL hockey and KNOW the very players we are talking about 1000 times more then we do? I think they probably have a better grasp of the players and their intangibles than we do. Rant over. Go Caps. I'm ready to watch and cheer them on (until about the middle of May)
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    It only frees up space to keep Burakovsky and Grubauer, and pay for the overpayment on Kuznetsov. The reason to be mad regardless of how you feel about MoJo is that now it's clear we should have protected 4 defensemen. Think about it. Trading MoJo for this low a return would have been easy before expansion. So you make that deal. Now you only have 4 key forwards and 4 key defensemen to protect, and Vegas takes Grubauer or Wilson. So you get the same assets for MoJo, KEEP NATE SCHMIDT, and give up someone that's pretty easily replaced. That's what we should have done. MacLellan didn't do his homework.
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    Has anyone under contract ever hopped to Russia without retiring? I think Radulov is the only one, and Nashville tolled his contract to keep his rights. A few have left between contracts, so it was a worry before Orlov signed this deal. But now that he has it makes it very risky to go to Russia if he ever wants to play here again. If he went and wanted to come back, he'd either have to come back under his current deal or sit out a year and get approval from all 31 teams. Oshie's is long on term but he's the kind of player that a team would take on at the deadline. So as long as he doesn't tank we can move him. Connolly's deal hasn't been announced by the team yet, has it? I heard the rumor and sites reported on it but the Caps haven't said anything about it despite announcing all their other signings, including Oshie, Orlov, and a few Hershey guys. So Connolly isn't official yet. Signing him last year was a pretty shrewd move. 15 goals for very little money. Orpik's cap hit is brutal but he's played well for us. He was shaky last year with the injury but his first year and this season he was very good overall. McPhee had a few bad long term deals. MacLellan hasn't had any yet. Orpik's money is off but at least he plays at a respectable level. The Shattenkirk trade was hailed as the best trade at the deadline for a reason. I didn't like it very much personally but most Caps fans seemed excited about it. It wasn't an overpayment for that type of rental. Ruthless negotiator? You're talking about the guy that dragged out the Semin situation for years, right? The guy that only ever made trades with very few teams because he had a rep for burning bridges. Maybe that's from being tough but that doesn't help his team win. Keeping the cap under control? Maybe but what about Schultz's deal or Laich's. Those were terrible and long term. McPhee made tons of mistakes and bad acquisitions. What did he win? His teams never won as many games as MacLellan's and they never got further in the playoffs either. He inherited his finals team. He made good additions that helped them get there but they also lucked their way into the finals, and he turned to old vets instead of developing Andrew Brunette. Ouch. MacLellan made his team better all 3 years so far. This year's team was probably the Caps' best ever and lost to a good team in 7 games. It sucks but this team was better than any of McPhee's by a country mile.
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    i have been an admin and moderator on other forums and that kind of behavior wouldn't be tolerated. but with absolutely no moderation i completely understand why the vets are policing the forum. let's get back to talking hockey even though little is happening
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    Given the current state of affairs; frustration. cynicism, contempt, anger and hatred toward the organization or some of its members, are to be expected. In fact it should be encouraged, particularly as a case for the unconditional, optimism, confidence and loyalty pbeing a factor in the current situation can be made. However it's mocking, agitating, provoking,etc of us, particularly under the guise of "I just want to discuss" (aka: I wanna lecture you about how much your team sucks, how dumb you are) that are some of the obvious giveaways of the troll species, and should not be tolerated . . .
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    Your daughter pretty much nailed it. I believe you 'Mericans call it "smack talking" sometimes. You pretty much nailed the rest of it. They don't have a life and need some attention. Like a child, if they can't get any positive attention, they go for whatever they can get, just to validate their existence, I suppose. It's pretty sad really. Bear in mind, people say (type) things on the internet that they would never say to a persons face. It's a brand new world out there. One that I'm not completely comfortable with. Whilst the internet does a lot of good things, it also brings the equal and opposite with it. Bullying and terrorising with anonymity. Basic manners are also mostly lost, which I think is a great shame. Typing abuse is easy if you know you'll never have to face somebody in REAL life. I can only guess that it gives those people some sense of acknowledgement if somebody replies to them, Face to face, you can read body language and facial expressions. On this forum we are limited to emoticons. Ours are very limited. After a while, you get to know different people's styles and what they mean and even a little of who they are, but not always. For instance, DC comes across as very aggressive, but is a really cool, decent, funny, generous and kind guy. I didn't get that over these boards, I got that by meeting him and getting to know him in person, at least a little bit. Same with Alta and Oldhat. Fabulous people.
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    Caps re sign Liam O'Brian about 4-5 hrs ago!!! Not sure about his skills but he's gritty!
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    LA Kings hired Pierre Turgeon as assistant coach... (I may have made part of that up.)
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    The Caps understand what draws fans and sells jerseys, i.e., Ovechkin, and that supercedes all other things in importance. As lon as fans pour in and spend money, their management is a success by their own standards. By hockey standards, the Caps have never understood what it takes to win it all, or, if they did, they subverted it because of their dedication to fan marketing, like Ovechkin provides. Let's cut to the core, Ovechkin is a great goals scorer, but he's not a great all-around hockey player. He's an abysmal stick handler, isn't a great passer and often can't even hit the net. He's scored many goals because he takes huge amounts of shots, which are very powerful, if not accurate, and because of his incessant presence on power plays. Five-on-five, he's just so-so. A very telling stat is that despite the huge number of goals and points, for his NHL career, Ovechkin is barely over even for plus/minus. That means that the opponents have scored at just a brisk a pace when he's been out there, as have the Capitals. You don't win championships that way, but, of course, the fans get all excited by those Ovechkin goals, while completely failing to understand what a liability he is, otherwise. The chances of the Capitals winning a Cup while Ovechkin dominates ice time is zero. And, if he doesn't dominate the time, he's wildly overpaid. Looking more broadly at the team after this past year's failure and recent changes, they're in even worse shape. They've lost four high-quality players (Schmidt, Allzner, Williams, Joansson) and added absolutely nothing. They ain't gonna get better by subtraction, for sure. And, let's examine recent moves more specifically: The loss of Schmidt is the worst move of all. This is a guy with all the potential to be a blockbuster defenseman, both offensively and defensively. My guess is that he'll turn out to be better than every other defenseman the Capitals currently have on their roster. Allowing him to be exposed, rather than Niskanen at six years older, was certain stupidity. And, the subsequent Kuznetsoz/Johansson mess makes their handling of the draft even more idiotic, even having made the initial mistake of having left him exposed. If he Capitals were completely committed to giving Kuznetsov an insane contract, then they already knew that Johansson would have to go. Instead of leaving him exposed in the draft and hoping that attention might be deflected away from Schmidt, they leave Schmidt as a 100% sure casualty, then give away Johansson for next to nothing anyway. Complete idiocy. They shouldn't have left Schmidt exposed, anyway, but, given that they did, they should have had Johansson exposed, too. And, this contract for Kuznetsov is utter insanity. Again, it proves that the emphasis is on flashiness and fan excitement, not winning Stanley Cups. Kuznetsov is very flasy and talented, but only during the freewheeling regular season, when defenses are playing pond hockey, and everybody puts on a show for the fans. Kuznetsov, like far too many Russians (including all the way back to Bure and more), are not cut out for the rough and tumble of playoff hockey, and they simply disappear. That the Capitals invested eight years at superstar pay is utterly nuts, no ifs, ands or buts about it. One could go on and on about their lack of appreciation of what makes a playoff-effective hockey player, but why bother? Management wants to appear superficially competitive, score lots of exciting highlight-reel, regular-season goals and have the fans in a titter all year. They know that they'll lose in the playoffs, but the fans have shown they'll come back for more of the same pabulum, year after year, so the business motto is: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
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    If this is what they felt Johansson's worth was, they EASILY could have traded him before expansion. Tons of teams would have made that trade. With MoJo gone, now you can protect 4 defensemen, 4 forwards, and a goalie. So you protect Backstrom, Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, and Burakovsky up front and Carlson, Niskanen, Schmidt, and Orlov on D. And Holtby. Then let Vegas pick from what's left: Grubauer, Wilson, Beagle, Eller, etc. And who do they take? In that scenario, they probably change their goalie plans and take Grubauer. MAYBE they take Wilson. We're still WAY better off because we have our top-4 D intact. To put it more simply: If you're willing to give up Johansson for this little, then you should have used him to keep Nate Schmidt. We would still have Schmidt, the trade return for MoJo, and all it would have cost us is either someone we were hoping Vegas would take anyway (Grubauer), or a depth forward that we can replace. This was a hugely stupid move that MacLellan should have seen coming a mile away.
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    Man, this is unreal. I will now eat my hat, Detroit Caps. These two moves by MacLellan are mind-boggling to me. I absolutely do not miss McPhee but this is just a bad way to manage assets. That return for Johansson is low, Kuznetsov's hit is high, he moved a pick to keep Eller, and despite this glut of spending refused to buy out Orpik? I would have moved Eller for a bag of pucks before I took that low a return on Johansson. Terrible.
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    Completely disagree on this front. Again, blame the coaching. Sure you acknowledge that we had players taking shifts off and passengers, but then go on to same gameplan was the real problem. The gameplan was fine. We were in control of of lot of periods and moments in that series. We were down by what, a goal or two whenever we were down? The gameplan and the hard workers (what we had) on the roster kept us in games with them. We had people sacrificing to block shots, to hit, to go to the net. If we had people doing those things then clearly the coaching stuff understands the gameplan. But you can only do so much when half the team is deciding to nap in the most important game of their careers....again. And of course Trotz can't just bench Ovechkin or bench Carlson because the hype media would blow up and turn it into some big deal. When it's just a reality of benching players who decide to take vacation early. That is all mindset. Mindset of the players. Don't let the media hype blind you, CROSBY wasn't better than us. Depth was key mostly because a lot of their depth guys play with their heart on their sleeve. Cullin, Bonino, Hainsey. They have the type of players that you win Cups with surrounding their core, and this happened to the us the past two seasons. Hell Phil Kessel played with more heart than half of our roster, and to me that should be a ******* joke. But that is the problem. People say well what about Beagle where was he? Where was his help? Bonino played on a line with both Kessel and Hagelin last season for the Pens as a third line. That isn't just a great third line from a structure and strategy perspective, both Hagelin and Bonino get it. They skate hard, they go to the net, they don't mess around with the puck. It's the perfect players to pair Kessel with, and then when you see the soft Kessel play with heart too? Get out of there. Where was that from us from our hell anywhere in the line up? Mojo? Bura? Vrana? Connely? Winnik? Our only strength in the playoffs was our center strength, even ignoring faceoffs we had 4 competent centers, and our biggest issue in this playoffs was 3 of those centers (Backstrom, Beagle, Eller) had to do all the ******* heavy lifting. All of it. You talk about Malkin and Crosby being so dynamic, it's easy to look dynamic when you are out working and frustrating the team with other lines. Instead our competent players kept us hanging in there, while we waited for passengers to do nothing. No chance in hell I blame the last two losses on coaching. Our line up is too geared for speed and scoring, we have intagible issues, heart issues, determination issues, size issues, and grit issues. The fact that we already have all the SKILL we need and people just keep hampering on more soft players and that is who we should target is what the problem is. We have our skill slot lined up. Backy, Ovie, Kuzy, Carlson, Bura, MoJo. It's done. Enough with it. We need big damn tough bodies to balance out our line up and counter the puffs like the Pens were throwing out there. I mean we were getting burned by rookies on the Pens end because we had to overshift our only competent defenders (forward and d) to their skill players.
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    Completely disagree that this is a good signing, and I like Orlov. But that contract is too big. Oshie we got for less than 6 and I'd of been happy with 6 for him. Oshie is a complete two way player who works hard, has skill, scores goals plays PK and top line as well as can play physical. Orlov has shown flashes and don't get me wrong, I like Orlov...but 6 per year? More than Oshie per season? Sure it's shorter term, but we don't have the cap to pay that imo. 5 would of been my comfortable highest per season for Orlov, he's really only had a couple of full seasons to prove himself. He's in our top 4 now too so he is more important. It was a priority signing. But Orlov needs to be paired with a D who knows their stuff in the D zone. It seems like we are going to end up with Niskanen Orlov, which while I'm not uncomfortable with, it means we have to find another D who knows defense even remotely to pair with Carlson. Grumble.
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    A 26-30 year old Dman with a propencity for violence would be epic.
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    Like the signing. Oshie has had the numbers since coming here but that is not his biggest asset to the team. It's all the other things he does that is the most valuable IMO. His work ethic, motor, selflessness, two way play, durability, PK, PP, team first attitude etc.. He's a leader. He is hockey smart off the chart. He has everything anyone could want in a player and he scored 30 goals to boot. While 5 years would look better overall, it doesn't matter as much since he plays like he's 25. Again, IMO.
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    Savior? lol.. He's a promising young player with a good cap hit.. This team is just bloated with overpaid underachievers.
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    I just can't let this go. I am so ticked they exposed Schmidt. It is just bad strategy. We are an aging team that is comprised of a core of guys that have proven they can't succeed in the playoffs. We have four big contracts to guys that are on the downswing (Ovi, Backstrom, Nisky and Orpik). We have traded our draft picks and our farm system doesn't have anybody to get excited about. This team, as currently handcuffed is headed for a steady decline. So our braintrust decides to expose a young, affordable defenseman that the whole league saw step up in the playoffs and play great? This kind of decision-making is just inexcusable.
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    I get your point, Maaco, it's fair, but I'm a little more with Mickstix on this one. You, and Micks post together, actually beg for a definitive answer as to the stated PURPOSE of this entire forum. I'll be honest and say I don't know what it is DEFINITIVELY! If there something official like a mission statement or something, I've not seen it referred to. My, admittedly incomplete understanding of this boards purpose, I thought, was predominantly, for CAPS fans. IF this is true, then a CIVIL fan of another team, should accept a CIVIL request to move on somewhere else, although he can CHOOSE to stay at his or her own risk. I believe you said, yourself, that this was your sole hockey forum, as a CAPS fan. I, myself, don't go over and join the Winnipeg Jets forum....BECAUSE I DONT GIVE A F**K!! The "just for info" excuse is BARELY plausible, but,...OK,...possible, but you have to ask WHY would they be here REALLY!! Now...my biggest point here, is that if this forum is NOT for CAPS fans predominantly then all bets are off, as far as rules of conduct at this forum. But I don't think you'd have the folks you have here now, who, of course,with some exception, are very knowledgeable, witty,funny, emotional, argumentative, arrogant,humble, adding in almost any human quality that exists etc.!! ****BUT THEY ARE CAPS FANS****!!! Rush
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    This is where you need to step aside and trust the "vets" that know what we are talking about and know what we're doing. Which includes identifying trolls, and/or people who are here to agitate. We've been here for a long time, grew members for a long time, all by moderating this place, with no mod rights, on our own. So if you feel like someone is here to troll us, then just ignore them. Then look away as myself, Mick and the others will continue to do the mods job and get rid of them so that their is not simply a board of spam because of multiple ignored posts. It's been pretty troll-free recently and with new member growth. That is largely in part to us knowing what we are doing in identifying them and how running them off.
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    Thanks Lily Man, 100% agreement on your entire post, especially about the equal and opposite backlash to the internets positive contributions, and how folks can get awful BRAVE with keyboard fingers, due to the inherent anonymity. Completely like-minded with you on this aspect!! The vets you mentioned at the end, all have my respect, and actually, I, like yourself, have a light invite from DC and Lady, to come to their city this mid July. Found out that DC and I both share an appreciation for quality tequila! From his posts, it no stretch to say that he's at least as cynical as I am, if not more, so I'm sure we'll have no trouble throwing down a few shots!! Actually looking forward to it! Pretty cool that you came all the way here to visit. From the little I've read, it sounds like you were treated to a great time. Ive never been to Hershey, or a practice at Kettler, but after being on these boards for just a short while, I've resolved to make it happen this year! Thanks Lily Rush
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    Its well worth the trip! The arenas cool, towns fun and the games are usually way better (aka more intense) than NHL games. The lack of Uber kinda dampens the party level, but that should improve soon
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    That's how it's supposed to work, but the only young guys the Caps give regular ice to are top 6 "prospects".. (meaning they're soft, small, or both) If Wilson hadn't been a 1st round pick they'd of benching/demoted/traded him long ago.. They almost gave Latta a real shot in the playoffs (4 games in a winning effort vs the Isles) then he was scratched/traded.. I'd gladly take a line or two of "half the talent-twice the heart" guys, for a full playoff run.. Never happen in DC though..
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    I don't mind it. I think we value a pesky player when he brings something more to the table than just that. LOB's contributions didn't evolve beyond "He tries really hard." Same for Latta. We reward that kind of tenacity when it has other benefits (Beagle, Wilson, Oshie) but those guys can be hard to find (and I agree that the Caps haven't prioritized that type of player enough). Settling for the LOBs and Lattas stops you from using those roster spots to bring along better talent with higher developmental ceilings. Walker put on like 15 pounds this year, Graovac is 6'5", DSP might show us something, Boyd has decent size, Barber shows some promise... We have a bunch of guys that deserve a look in the couple forward spots we'll have this year.
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    I feel like if Justin Williams can be as productive as he is at 36 years old then we don't have anything to worry about with TJ Oshie who is a similar style of player. I guess we can see what happens over the next two years with Williams in Carolina but I don't think anyone will be complaining when TJ is 37 and still a 40+ point scorer who plays his heart out.
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    If one examines the historical performance of Russian hockey players in the post season, it is marked by repeated disappointments, many more so than the few notable records. Generally, the Russian players are more highly skilled, but can't stand up under the heavy physical games and two-way demands that show up come playoff time. It's an enormous risk for the Capitals to have dedicated such high sums and for so long to a player (Kuznetsov), who has proven almost nothing, as yet, despite his flashy regular-season play. One almost gets the impression that capitals management always favors "flashiness," as a regular-season fan magnet, over, perhaps, less-exciting players, who, nonetheless, are better suited for playoff rigors.
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    This is ridiculous logic. Tom Wilson has never played second line minutes for an entire season and therefore we have no idea how many points he would produce as a 2RW. Also, are the Caps going to be hurting a little from the personnel changes... yes, of course. Are they going to be hurting so badly that the miss the playoffs? Nope. This actually might turn out to be a great year playoff wise because the regular season probably won't be so easy... OR it might be because we still have some of the best offensive power in the league and Braden Holtby is one of the best, if not the best, goalie in the league. So many chicken littles...
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    Eh, we changed lines frequently enough last season, and considering we'll also have call ups handling Olympic misses too...yeah. I just don't see this as a shake up. When our roster is there, it'll be the same old. Ovie on the point on the PP, they'll put Bura in MoJo's spot behind the net and keep Carlson with Ovie on the point and Oshie in front of the net. Connoly will replace Williams in the "Oshie/Brouwer" spot on the 2nd PP, and Vrana will likely replace Bura with Kuzy keeping same role. Then Nisky/Orlov on the 2nd unit, just like it was. PK wise we still have very much the same group. Beagle, Wilson, Eller, Backstrom, Oshie killing PK from a forward perspective. MOJO killed penalties too but it's not like he was our only guy who did it. I'm not saying you need to get rid of an entire team to shake it up. I think you need to understand what we mean we we use the word "shake up". As in, stop letting our core guys be comfortable doing what they have been doing the past nearly what 5-6 seasons now. These changes do none of that. Ovie is still our dying horse, Backy still carries to much of the load, Kuzy is still unproven defensively, Bura replaces MoJo in the non defensive roles...and is a worse defensive player... The shake up needs to happen needs to riplle through this entire team...and let them know second round exits and participation regular season success is not to be tolerated. That didn't happen. All that happened was a panic'd GM mismanaged our cap and overpaid some of our younger less proven players to try to fill the holes that were created by our salary situation. A couple core players (MoJo, Alzner) were lost due to that. Schmidt was never core here, William wasn't either. We have had people like Williams for ages, Knuble...Brouwer...I mean it's not like we haven't tried supplement types before. Now instead we are going to have Connolly fill that role....
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    For me it's about principal. Players shouldn't be leveraging other leagues as a way to get increased salary demands. That shows that they care more about themselves than they do team success. They may have a drive to win, but not more than their drive to get paid as much as possible, even if that means handcuffing the teams ability to win. The fact that we see this type of stuff happening, and then oh look what happens to be one of our teams biggest issues? Commitment and drive in the playoffs? No wonder thinks keep going the same way. More team first guys, less me guys is what this club needs. The moment either Orlov or Kuzy mention KHL you trade them, you make an example of them, and you tell your entire team that if they care more about their own salary demands than winning a Cup that they can see the door too. This team has to stop pretending all is well. It isn't. It's win now. Do we even have two seasons left of trying to go for it? Maybe? The retool is very close, if we even get it. Hell here is the even crazier thing, imagine all our AHL call ups for a month this season. Because even if NHL says no to Olympics all our Russians WILL go. Which means we lose Kuzy, Orlov, and Ovechkin. *claps* Glad we just signed two of those guys to huge contracts.
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    Just nothing this so when Wilson is playing on a fourth line with DSP and Beagle, and Connoly is playing with Bura and Kuzy on one of the softest 2nd lines of all time, you'll eat some crow. None of this means any shake up. I don't know why you guys think that. It just means more of the same. Use utility players to fill in holes, AHL skill call ups to fill in holes, and hope for the best one more time.
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    Contract years seem to always be big years for Caps players. The best thing that can happen for the Caps is for Carlson to have a big enough year to warrant a trade deadline deal that will return us picks and/or a prospect. Anchor our defense around Orlov and Niskanen (They are our best pairing after all) and rebuild it on the returns that Carlson gives us.
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    The fans gave up on him because of that early hand injury. They picked him up hoping he would contribute immediately and instead he had a fluke injury and missed a lot of time right out of the gate. He looked good in flashes the following year when they gave him someone to play with, but they had other guys in mind for those roles and cut bait. That's the thing though. You're describing a lot of great players, using examples of not-so-great players. In other words, you just described Justin Williams, for example. Not fast, not a big hitter, doesn't take faceoffs, not a great stickhandler, doesn't kill penalties, doesn't fight... But he's still a great player, largely because he's not keyed on for being any of those things. I'm not saying Connolly is Justin Williams but he exists in the same in-between space where he could end up being a guy like that. A wiley, crafty veteran that can go to any team and pot 20 anywhere in their middle 6. Looking at this year, Connolly is on his weak side paying 10 minutes a night with a center that can't get anything going offensively and a revolving door on the right wing. And he still put up 15 in 66 games. That's nothing to scoff at. He drives possession, gets to space, shoots decisively and accurately, plays relatively well defensively and along the boards, excels in relief and transition... These are all good things. That he tanked in the playoffs with limited minutes opposite lines full of other players not producing anything...? We don't know enough to conclude anything more there than we would with all the other guys that stunk the place up in the playoffs the last two years. Maybe Connolly was taking up Vrana's spot and Vrana would have been the difference for us. Maybe Trotz could have actually tried some different looks before shortening his bench, cutting 4th-line minutes, and going 7 D. Maybe Williams on the third and Connolly on the 2nd would have sparked one line or the other or just made us a little harder to defend. There's potential up side with Connolly that's worth exploring for 1.5m. I wouldn't have been sad to see him go, but I do see the value in giving him a shot.
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    And just as an aside, I do think Trotz can turn it around. He's a great coach. I don't want that to get lost in my criticism. I'm a fan. He helped us move beyond where Oates left us, and that was huge. He made a huge impact here. But we've made those adjustments and are not growing beyond that. The 1-goal games, OTs, playing inferior teams way closer than we should, losing series where your goalie is over 93% and well under 2.00, over-passing, perimeter emphasis, playing tight with leads, allowing Ovi to be one-dimensional and stationary... These are problems his systems have brought about and haven't solved. He's too conservative, trying to win on points when he should be going for knockouts, even when he's got opponents on the ropes. Execution is part of it but the overall philosophy isn't aggressive enough.
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    This is nonsensical. Who cares which round they lose in? With this line of thinking we could make moar banners for "made it to the conference finals". I could find no solace in losing after one more round. It's cup or the season was a failure. Always has been always will be. This team does not have the toughness, mental or otherwise to win 16 games after the warmup is over. **** a presidents trophy. And there is shame in continually losing to the pens and Crosby. A lot. The banner we deserve is one that reads "penguins b;tches" with all the years we've been smoked by them.
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    Alzner signed for 4.625 per year with Montreal. We signed Orlov with a 6 million dollar cap hit and chose to leave Nate Schmidt unprotected due to cap reasons. What? Make sense of that. Why not let Orlov go unprotected, and trade him if he's demanding that much cap. We are a competitive team in the modern era, we already have a top line star and a notable defender who are rightfully eating up serious cap issues. It's why Oshie committed to way less than he could of made on UFA (Oshie could of been a 8 mill a year player) but instead chose to stay on a competitive team. Same happened with Alzner. Took 5 years on a shorter contract. Alzner could of easily gained 6 had he ran to a team in the west, or a team hurting for players. Instead he wants to win. Weird, sacrifice there. Also, the Connoly signing is beyond mind numbing. He signed for 1.5 per season, for two seasons. Someone this thread called the move for him last season "shrewd". It could of been. Had he showed up in the playoffs. But he didn't. He was your typical play for his job third liner who put a lot of effort in the regular season. If he wasn't playing with Lars Eller he'd of been a healthy scratch in the playoffs he was that bad. Oh and look....New Jersey got Brian Boyle, a real man of a third liner who if you get good depth could play as one of the best fourth line player sin the league. For only 2.55 per season. If we hadn't of wasted or god damn time and money on Orlov, still a not completely proven quantity and a RFA no less who for whatever reason demanded a crazy salary from his own competing team, we could of kept Schmidt and Oshie, signed Alzner for a reasonable salary cap hit he was at and signed Brian Boyle to upgrade our bottom six grit.....
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    find it funny how people defend their favourite players no matter how bad they played. you get all defensive and point the finger at all the other players. my fav players are holtby and backstrom. but i'm not defending them. holtby couldn't stop a beachball. backstrom was ok but was a joke on faceoffs
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    I don't understand everyone's negative opinion of Connolly unless they are basing strictly off their personal opinion and ignoring the statistical data. Connolly has 89 hits in 66 games averaging 1.3 hits per game. That puts him at 8th overall on the team and 4th among forwards. He was only 6 hits away from being tied with TJ Oshie who is a guy everyone cheers for his toughness and determination on the puck. He was 5th best on the team for SAT% which basically shows that when he is on the ice the momentum shifts in the Caps favor. He provided 15 goals and 8 points averaging on 10:51 TOI and playing between the 3rd and 4th line. His contract was a good one and if he is provided the opportunity to up those minutes on the 3rd line I think he could be a solid 25-30 point scorer while being defensively responsible.
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    weber makes any dcore look better. i rank him as the top overall dman in the league. he helps his team in so many ways. only weakness is his lack of speed. i say we package some players and picks for weber
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    They are ashamed of us and no longer wish to advertise this group of deplorable indigents.
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    DC the advanced stats do not support your contention that Alzner was our best defenseman. They show just the opposite. There can be no dispute that Alzner lost a step last season and that effected his play. I do not think we are going to miss Alzner as much as people here think. Secondly, I disagree with your characterization of Orpik and that he is there just to cash a paycheck. The guy is a tremendous mentor to our young defenseman. Just about after every pracice he stayed on the ice working with Schmidt, Orlov and Chorney on various drills. He is always one of the last players to leave the ice. He is almost like another coach out there and I attribute Orlov and Schmidt's big improvement this year to Orpik. I expect he will do the same with Bowey and Djoos this coming season. As for Holtby not re-signing when his contract is up, that is aways down the road and by then Samsonov may be ready to be the starting goalie.
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    How many times do you think the NHL producers tell Pierre to say that? "Youth and Speed" just a marketing gimmick and a trend, that's all it is. Thw first teams that decide not to be lemmings and build systems and rosters specifically designed to destroy the ones that bought into this will dominate all of them. History and present day in all sports have proven this and will continue to. while I agree with everything else you say completely. An overhaul shouldn't be based on following a trend to compete, but to defeat those that do follow it
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    I understand people's concern with the 8 year term but this is a deal that had to get done and by giving him an 8 year deal (which the Caps were the only team able to do that) the Caps were able to sign him at a very reasonable salary cap hit. Oshie has the intangibles that Beagle has, which every one here raves about, but has a lot more talent. Listening to Trotz, Oshie epitomizes the type of hockey player Trotz loves and wants for the Caps.
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    Agreed. He is also a guy that I could really careless about losing a step at the end of his contract. He will be a leader and a selfless member of the team throughout his entire contract.
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    Their safe space is crumbling fast though. Cap issues and aging players with nothing in the farm system. Time will make them non-competitive in just a few short seasons. Maybe fewer than they think. The "talent" they still have should have been moved this off-season to bring in as many picks and prospects as possible.......re-build.
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    It unfortunately runs rampant from the team all the way up to the owner.. No confidence. We hear rants about windows shutting and going all in, thinking they've built a juggernaut, only to fall flat year after year.. Now they're scared to death they'll make a move and not even be competitive.. They've found their safe space.
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    Really Hat? I hope you're right, but honestly I haven't seen a signal from GMBM that he realizes there's a problem yet. I think he believes he's still just a tweak away from a Cup. So nice to be back reading posts on this board from long standing members with respect for each other. The trolls during the playoffs, along with the stress, made the boards "ugly". Love the civility and the ability shown to respectfully agree to disagree.
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    Just wait and see what Orlov wants when he's able to test the market. He's already demonstrated he thinks he's worth big time money. They're about to lose Alzner because they went out and paid for Pittsburghs Defensmen. Orlov will be next to go because he's not worth $5 million a year. That's why the loss of Schmidt hurts. They could've had him for a cap friendly long term deal IMO.
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    30 points in 13 min a game, with almost no PP time, if any, and most of that playing in defensive situations or PK. i wouldn't confuse "ability", with utilization.
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    BTW. Did I actually see a headline on RMNB that suggested the Caps shouldn't have protected Wilson? That's some ridiculous clickbait right there..... Tom Wilson is the identity of this team going forward. I couldn't care less if he ever scores 20 goals or becomes a top 6 player, he's the guy brings the tempo and has both benches sitting on the edge of their seats on a nightly basis. Do people realize how hard it is to find a player that brings that kind of energy, physical presence, hustle, pugilistic skills AND he can actually play some hockey? If he were to somehow get away it would be as egregious as Scott Stevens to the Blues...