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    1st post in the GDT. Shut up. It's one game. In 8 of 9 series the Caps won game 1. How'd they turn out? I'm not any more or less confident than if they'd won the game 10-0. one game does not a series make. **** pittsburgh
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    Heh well at least he didn't lay on the ice crying for 5 minutes
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    I refuse to vote but this witch hunt against every poster has got to stop. I'm not going to sit back and let it occur anymore. You are contributing to making it IMPOSSIBLE for this board to attract new posters or fans if each poster is interrogated about their fandom. You, nor I, are mods or admins. By attempting to be one we undermine the system that's in place. If you are unhappy with the results of reporting posts or you are unhappy with the responses to reports there isn't much left to do. Look at it this way, come August when hockey starts for tryouts or when Vegas gets to select players we MAY have an influx of new members. Do they really need to see a post like this to deter them since we seem to be suspect of every new person? I believe that with posts Quality>Quantity. This is NOT the best way to address the problem. You may as well just drive away new and old posters alike.
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    I'm worried if we break up the team we won't win another thrilling Prezzy trophy. I love those so much more than that silly old cuppy thingie.
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    What makes you a Caps fan? Because you've been in here a certain amount of time? He can offer any criticism he wants. I doubt a "Fouls fan" would be here trying to make suggestions for improving the team. You have two options: Counter with reasonable analysis or say nothing. Whining is not doing you any favors.
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    The wife comments how Doc says, "the deficit is two." No Doc, the LEAD is two you hens fanboi
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    I'm pretty sure it was just a sprained labia.
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    We are going to look back at this next period and say it was the turning point on our run to the Finals.
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    I let my anger out on a huge brownie and 2 beers. I'm ready for more punishment. This series is going to 7 brutal games, and Caps losing in OT, game 7, on a deflection off ref's butt.
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    Even the NBC crew came around after agreeing with the call mid game. Right or wrong Niskie's crosschecked Crosby in the head. He couldn't have avoided it but his stick is his responsibility. Period. The rules don't account for 'accidents' when a stick to the head is involved. That is done on purpose so everyone is extra mindful of head shots and no one can try to claim intentional hits were accidental. So a penalty was 100% correct there by the rule book. However, if it was against ANY OTHER PLAYER IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE it would have been a 2 minute roughing minor. Against Cindy it's a major and an ejection.
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    ReggieDunlop didn't do anything other than be a Pittsburgh fan. I haven't read much of the posts from Tonic3, but he/she seems decent enough as well. You guys have pretty thin skins to let 2 people get to you. On top of it, there are plenty of violations in the ToS from Capitals fans that post here. I think this is the fourth season where posters were claiming "an army of trolls" is going to infiltrate the boards. Instead it's 2 or 3 posters that get everyone riled up to the point they're starting threads asking for an admin
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    Alan May just called out Dan O'Halloran by name, right after saying "In the playoffs we don't know what a penalty is!"
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    I learned that after drinking about 2 6 packs, not to jump around after we score.
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    The Bonino dive isn't why the Caps lost, but didn't help their chances of winning. I can't stand diving, whether it a player on my team or opposing. Controlling diving is simple with either a replay which would create a PP for the other team, or by fining the crap out of a player the next day upon further review. This brought back memories of playoffs past when Matt Cooke and Brad Marchand gave their best Greg Louganis impressions. The way I may address this? Maybe attach Bonino's head to this pic and tape it on the glass by the Pens bench. Hey, I'm just a lowly fan with no say in the rules process... It's all I got.
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    I really hate that I'm doing this today. But I need to take my mind off last night. And thinking about next year and winning the whole damn thing the year after IT HAS TO BE THIS YEAR is making me feel marginally better. So this is what I've got; a projected salary cap of $76 million, FA's out the jackwagon, and a lot of tough decisions for GMBM. If I were in his shoes: Center - I'm not defending my position again on why you don't trade Backstrom, Ovechkin, Holtby, Kuzy, Carlson and the rest of your top 50 talent because they keep losing to other top 50 talent. So I'll start by saying that Backstrom and his $6.7M is staying because duh! As an RFA, Kuzy probably needs to be tendered in the 5.7M range. Can't let him go after the season he had. Eller's 3.5M is ghastly. Don't think he's worth that and honestly have no great attachment to him. I'd cut him and take a run at someone like Sam Gagner or Martin Hanzal. Or... maybe... at the quest of weakening our enemy... Nick Bonino. Winnik also can ply his trade elsewhere. Left Wing - Ovechkin stays. So does Burky. He's earned a 1-way deal, but I'd put him about 2/3 of Kuzy's total. MoJo's career campaign has him worth the 4.6M that I thought he wasn't last season, so kudos to him. Adding to that position would be nice, but the only real attractive option to me is still the guy I wanted last year, Thomas Vanek. $2M should be able to get him here. Right Wing - You still have Wilson at $2M and Beagle at $1.75M. The #1 priority this offseason is re-signing T.J. Oshie. I'm going to set his number at 5.75M, but I might be willing to go as high as $6.5M. The hardest decision this offseason, in my opinion is Justin Williams. He's a valuable asset, no question, but he's 35. Do you try to get younger? Is his 24/24/48 line easily replaceable? Is there a more attractive option out there? My conclusion; there really isn't. But I'd like to see if he'd take a discount to come back and free up some cap money. He's made over $40M in his career. He knows how close this team is and how good a chance he has to win another ring here. I say try for 2.5M. Brett Connolly is an RFA. If he wants to stay for 1M, great. Defense - Carlson and his $4M stays, as outlined before. Niskanen stays, unfortunately in the minds of some because I don't you're going to be able to unload his contract and Orpik's, so go with the younger guy. Shattenkirk obviously goes as well. Alzner... man that's a toughie. Up there with Williams. I hate to say it, but I don't think you give him much of a raise. If he isn't willing to stay for $3M, adios, because you have to have money to sign Orlov & Schmidt. Those two guys are going to cost you in the $4.5-5M neighborhood (combined), plus you've still got Chorney and Hershey talent to bring up. I’m not sure a relatively cheap acquisition like Kyle Quincey or Matt Hunwick is going to help our problems. Goalie - I think we might have one angry Holtbeast next year. He got his money last year and earned it and earned it again this year... until the playoffs. There was no more demonstrably furious guy on the ice after Game 7. He knows this postseason is on him. After seeing his GAA drop in his first four playoff appearances by .54, .36, .51, and .48 when compared to the regular season, this year his GAA rose in the playoffs by .40. And if you'd've told me he was getting pulled from a game, I'd say that would be a series we wouldn't win. And we didn't. The perhaps controversial move is letting Grubauer go. The reason? You acquired Pheonix Copley as part of the Shattenkirk trade. And you better sure as hell not make that a total disaster. He's played very well in Hershey, bump him up for about $1.3M and give up a chance against the big boys. Total: That puts you at $70.65M with about 5.35M left over to bring up some youngsters on minimal 2-way deals. I know it doesn't sound like there are major sweeping changes that hyper-reactive message boards usually like, but you’re committing career suicide as a GM if you trade away Dan Marino. You ride your thoroughbreds until they die. Even if he only scores 30-40 goals a season from now on, that kind of production is so difficult to replace. Training Camp Roster - 2017 LW – Alex Ovechkin, Marcus Johannson, Andre Burakovsky, Thomas Vanek, Jakub Vrana, Chris Bourque C – Nicklas Backstrom, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Sam Gagner, Jay Beagle, Travis Boyd, Chandler Stevenson RW – T.J. Oshie, Justin Williams, Tom Wilson, Jay Beagle, Stanislav Galiev, Paul Carey D – John Carlson, Karl Alzner, Matt Niskanen, Nate Schmidt, Dmitry Orlov, Taylor Chorney, Christian Djoos, Aaron Ness G – Braden Holtby, Pheonix Copley
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    a newbie doesn't translate to a troll.
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    How many threads are you going to mention this in? Since it isn't your job, how about just not letting trolls get to you? If I feel like celebrating or criticizing on a game day thread or roster thread, or whatever, then I will. If you don't like my post you don't have to respond or even read it. But maybe you should stop whining so much. You're sounding like a pens fan.
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    Yeah I'd have to say plus/minus is only good to indicate bad stats. If a player has 80 points and is -2, it probably means he and his line are awful defensively since you know with all those points you'd figure he should be up. But the moment you get above like +10 or +20 you start to see extreme stat padding because you happen to be on a team or a line that scores a lot. And winning 6-0 is no different than winning 2-1, so those extra +'s in a game don't always matter. Where as a - always matters, because it means you were on the ice for a goal and most likely you would of been able to do something about it. That said DC I'm super surprised your so against Oshie. I'm all for continuing to upgrade on our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines to get heavier, get more playoff guys, etc. But Oshie is a playoff guy. He may stick handle but he plays his heart out every shift, he hits, he makes a difference in every game. I'd gladly Oshie over what I saw of Ovechkin in the playoffs, especially if Ovie is going to continue to only show up on the defensive side of the game once every 4 shifts. You just can't afford to take any shift off in the playoffs. So I'd rather we bank on skill guys like Oshie who have the heart and commitment to play the game the way it needs to be played, even if size wise he isn't the biggest dog in the fight. To me guys like Oshie, Beagle, Wilson were the life blood of our team this season and even in the playoffs. There were key talent who worked hard, throw Eller into that mix too, and thats the mentality everyone on our club needs. Zero shfits off. Period. Ever. Sure let's address size and meanness and get some more going. But last I checked even Brooks "Hooks" Orpik dropped the gloves in the late part of that Game 7 of the third period and put on quite an alright scrap, only for our leaders and team to respond with zero energy. The problem is our core. People can't dance around it all they want. Ovechkin isn't good enough. Maybe if he got carried to a Cup by other players, and Olympic success, but much like him our team remains this enigma. Always quitting when ti matters most. Always taking shifts off at the worst and most key times. The nerves, the pressure, and the lack of confidence when it matters are key. Sure he was injured, sure he's still a warrior. But the league is full of warriors. Only the best group of em bring home the Cup, and if Ovechkin wants to do that his head has to be just as in the game as his heart and that doesn't seem to be the case. And when that is what we are lead by, when that is who the club looks to, when your down one goal in a crucial game 7 and the defense is tight and the goaltending is tight and the checking is tight and we have defenders stepping up to fight to try to get us energy. His heroics were needed. To be fair we would of took anyones at that stage, but the fact that it's supposed to his area of expertise and he just looks lost out there already hanging his head waiting for the other shoe to drop as was said in this thread previously, that is just unacceptable.
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    Wait... You think Alex Ovechkin is going to request a trade from a team that literally builds the team around him? Why? It would go down as one of the worst moves made by a team in the history of the NHL. Letting AO go for absolutely nothing... to open up cap space for what? You aren't going to find a replacement for the offense that he brings to the team. You are going to find a player that can both score and play as physical as he can play. You aren't going to find someone that teams build their strategies around which opens up chances for your other lines. Can the season start already so we can stop seeing these ridiculous post?
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    Hey there OO. It's my opinion that you may have pushed a little too hard with the "loser talk" and "quitter talk" comments in last paragraph. It may surprise you that I have adopted the "have pride", and "move forward" attitude that you suggest, and my $6K tells TED that I'll be back in section 408 in October! I, like you, have one of those personalities that moves on quicker than most. Stiff upper lip and so forth. You and I are both new posters. One difference, is you say to have read posts for a few years before posting. I, a few weeks prior to posting. My point is that, as intelligently as you write, (glad to give you props dealing with two alphabets, and a second language), you've read a lot of posts before, and don't think it's beyond you to understand that this forum is chock full of veterans, who know each other well, agree, disagree, agree to disagree, have slang for each other, even call each other out, get mad, apologize, don't apologize, accept and don't accept the contrition, etc.....you get my point. Sounds eerily similar to the some of the characteristics of my own family at Thanksgiving. Its the "family" part of the site that your years of post reading, I respectfully say, may have missed. By "family" I mean the vets feeling free to openly express themselves to each other. I havent been here long enough to go there with these veteran, passionate, fans. Please consider that you haven't either. I absolutely love the caps, and I'm starting a new relationship here. I also didn't start banging my chest at my wonderful wife, about any negatives about her that I might have thought, when I first met her. Calling out some long timers who are fed up, immediately after them witnessing one of the worst 3rd periods in caps playoff history, simply because you have an ability to accept and move on quicker, is of course, your right to post, but I don't see the wisdom in it. Even if they feel more permanent about what they've said. With respect, Pucknrush
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    Theres nothing to leave. I, nor anyone haen't been rude to you in your 13 posts. We all want this to be a place for Caps fan to talk about the teams and grow a strong community within the fanbase. Tolerating and ignoring those who intent to disturb that, goes against and is detrimental to it, as this two page thread illustrates. We do not come here to be agitated, mocked, "jabbed", or have to click ignore on half the posts that turns it into a mess that looks like spam and advertisements to people looking in. While we kindly welcome many fans who have other teams as their favorite, but are Caps supporters and great members (i.e. Ozzie, Hawk), they also recognize that this is NOT a neutral hockey site with the Caps logo that is linked to the Caps home page simply for decoration.
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    That's hitting the nail on the head for me. Kudos mickstix!
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    I will acknowledge that there are some strong personalities and positions presented by members on here, as there is anywhere on the internet or even in public. Opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one but that doesn't mean we have to BE one! Tough skin is learned over time, necessary in some places more than others. That said, this isn't a team where we consistently make playoffs year after year or we are always viewed as Cup contenders as other teams are. Due to that consideration one can make the association that fans here may be more rough around the edges, subject to more jeers and ribbing by opposing fans and media due to a history of unsustainable playoff play when it matters. All of those components add to a recipe for strong ire, opinions, POV, team loyalty that has also tired us out while sustaining us. I feel for the other teams who haven't won a cup yet, we understand what they and us have not yet achieved and we don't need anyone reminding us of that fact, yet many fans of other teams do so, over and over to agitate and try to stir the pot for their own personal amusement. I personally may not agree with my fellow Caps supporters but their views no matter how they present them are still from the heart of a fan who will support this team no matter what. What I am not on this board for is to be lectured by fans of other opposition teams who are more successful to chide us like a "lesser child" or "crappy fans" as if we as individuals who are STHs have any control over our teams future than they do of theirs. We know our failures, we discussed them as a group of fans, what we don't need is others coming over to continue to beat a dead horse we've moved on from for their amusement. I appreciate different views, I'm expecting to discuss it with fans of my team on here, not fans who hate my team and wish it to fail miserably. I'm here for a reason, if I wish to talk with others in a more general hockey discussion I will do it elsewhere that's not here.
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    When someone shows up after their team takes a 1 or 2 game lead, then vanish when it's 2-3 and 3-3, (then shows back up after we lose game 7) the purpose for being here can only be seen as trolling. (IMO) It really doesn't matter what the content of the discussion is at that point, the main goal is you are here because (and only when) you feel embolden.. As for new "Caps fan" members. Timing is everything! Showing up after a game 7 loss and preaching? Probably won't be welcomed with open arms to the long time faithful. Especially if your view is 180* of the masses.. (Timing!) Suck it up buttercup!! Stick around and take the medicine! You'll soon be part of the fam.. And the other "new guy" who got butt hurt because his 1st post here as a "Caps fan" was to tell us that we "shouldn't have to win that way by intentionally injuring Crosby"... Yea, that'll win ya the welcome award as well.. lol
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    People who post things critical of the team or management are not trolls. Perhaps they are simply frustrated with the failure to progress which this team has demonstrated. Trolls are fans of other teams who come in to talk trash after they win or before upcoming games. I've looked at this forum before but only started posting a month ago. However, I've watched the Caps since they dropped the first puck in 1974 and have been watching hockey for 55 years and played it as well. So, my opinions are based on having seen a hell of a lot of hockey, Caps hockey especially. Even posters who have watched the game for a much shorter period than I have, hold strong opinions and should be able to state them without worrying about being called out. Anyway, my two cents.
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    Apparently some are having trouble distinguishing between trolls and actual Caps fans with low post counts who are frustrated by this result and posting on the internet about it.
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    The Young Guns era is over. The 2 players left are getting long in the tooth. It didn't happen. It was the best shot this franchise ever had and we never made it past the second round. It's over. Hard to swallow but "it is what it is". Love em all to death and wish them the best in whatever franchise they land in, but it's over.
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    This wasn't a choke. Montreal was a choke. Pittsburgh in '09 was a choke. They played the defending champs and #2 team in the regular season to a Game 7 and lost a game that was statistically pretty even. Not every loss is a choke. Not every loss is about heart. Sometimes, you just lose.
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    I don't even care anymore. There is no excuse for the crap play we saw tonight. I'll say it again; these guys simply did not bring it. They should have been hitting the entire game. They should have been intimidating the smaller Hens. They should have remembered how to pass, hit the puck without fanning, pass the puck without turning it over repeatedly, and they should know how to shoot the puck without over-passing. Well surprise, they know how to do this. We know they know, but for some damned reason all that went out the window because THEY CHOKED! THEY HAVE NO HEART!!
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    Intermittently careless could describe the entire Caps team for more than half this postseason.
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    Seriously? DC has over 11,000 post and 1,400 likes... He is a well respected member of our community and one of the smarter hockey guys (despite his love of goon hockey and dislike of skilled players ) on our boards. Neither you nor TempMS or any of the other troll accounts have brought anything worth discussing to this forum.
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    I'm getting tired of people saying the caps are getting outplayed because it just isn't true. the caps have controlled the tempo of these games more than the pens have. difference is the pens are burying their chances. the caps arent
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    I don't even want the Zamboni driver back next year.
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    If Sid misses the rest of this series, this was the game I thought Pittsburgh could win. Still at home, enraged, the wound still fresh, you knew the first 10 minutes they were going to be a house of fire and the refs wouldn't call a penalty for anything short of dismemberment. Fair play in lieu of their C going down. But make no mistake, if the Caps don't come back and win this series, with no Crosby reappearance, it will be the 2nd-most embarrassing playoff loss in franchise history behind Montreal in 2010.
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    Holtby should have had that. He has been horrid on those man on man.
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    Don't worry everyone! The Caps will do something in the near future that is so infuriating that MBayne will have to come back because this is literally the best place to sulk.
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    The way to deal with trolls is to NEVER react to them, never post a reply to them, Click on ignore and move on. You can't "win" or otherwise beat a troll. You can only allow yourself to be distracted by them, which is what they want. Clicking on "Ignore" is effectively the same as banning them. And when a troll realizes NO ONE is replying to their trolling, they have no clue if anyone is even seeing their BS. Feed them and like any other animal they will come back for more. When you ignore them, be sure to click all the little checkboxes.
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    The only person that should be suspended from the last game should be Patrick hornquist for elbowing sheary in the face. If he had connected with Eller(his goal) it would have taken him out of the series. Easily the dirtiest hit of the game.
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    I know, this is a difficult one to digest tonight. I've not been online often, but I've watched the season and the Caps playoffs while reading some of the posts from time to time. A friend sent me an article that I found to be very well written. I thought I would just pass by and pass the message. Never forget what Los Angeles did during the series in 2014 or Phily in 2010... This team is the best Caps Team I've seen since Ovi's debut. I know, the Def and Holts have been more than ordinary, but this is where we at right now. It's time to Step up, accept this challenge and grind our way out. Disgusted or not, this is the fight we're into. No more excuses. ''When everyone tells you that you are dead, and that failure is almost certain, that’s not when your playoffs end. That’s when they start.'' Let's Go Caps, Unleash the Fury !
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    Pretty good summary and analysis from 'Tweed' on HF
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    I heard that Dave Steckel thought Niskanen did nothing wrong.
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    It is so frikin awesome to hear Milbury sound like someone shot his dog again
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    Ovi shrugs those off. Russian Machine never break
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    Well that's a crappy post
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    My thoughts: Holtby can't stop a breakaway. We will never beat the Pens. It was a waste to aquire Shattenkirk. He's useless. We go to PA for the sweep.
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    Well, if we have to play against the refs anyway, let's earn it. Slew-foot and slash. Put Crosby and Malkin on a stretcher. Dump the puck in (with your head down, of course) as hard as you can in the direction of the refs. If we are going to get cheated, cheat back. I believe there's a relevant Dale Hunter quote...
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    The NHL is a joke. The ref's aren't fit to be watching over a pee wee game. We had ZERO power plays and there were obvious penalties overlooked. I hope this team of ref's gets in a firey car wreck on the way home.
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    We're back in it. Keep bringing the body, boys. Did you see Malk's face when he was about to take that hit from Carlson? He looked like a little girl that just saw a spider.
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    The caps gotta play with the nasty. They were too nonchalant against the leafs. That said, maybe they knew they had a date with the pens, and conserved energy