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    Awwww, Hillary lost. You didn't get the criminal you wanted?
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    Only going to wade in here for one second to say... Politics across the world has become one of the ugliest, fakest, most bullexcrement excuses for "democracy" I have ever seen in my life. Social media is a big part of that problem, but so is the fact that so many people (as evidences by a few in this thread) getting so passionate about literally anything that has anything to do with any sort of ideological battle. What really frustrates me about it? People think they are winning some war, or taking sides on serious issues. No your not. The government on the left and the government on the right have far more in common with each other than they do with any regular jackwagon citizens. Did you know the "fakew news" craze isn't just being used by one side, but all sides? Because the aim of the game is to MANIPULATE the general public into getting divided amongst themselves while the rich elites take ALL the money and resources. Which is exactly what is happening. Stop blaming your neighbor and start looking at those who are supposedly "rallying you" to the causes. They aren't rallying ****. They are manipulating you and leveraging you for votes, power, and financial gain. I don't care if you vote right left or center, there are scoundrels out there looking to take advantage of you because you believe in things passionately. Which means people need to learn to stop getting involved in angry mob judgmental mentality. Not only is it belittling and disrespectful, half the time it hurts things far more than it helps them, regardless of what "cause" you think your supporting. That said, regarding Ovie, he is free to support whomever he wants and I'd say I'm not surprised he is a Putin supporter. Russia is a far different place than the rest of the world, especially the Western world. Folks in the Western world have a bit more opportunity to exercise free through, or I should say it can be more encourage (although that is fading more and more as time goes on and social media and fake **** begins taking over the world.) That said, Russia has always been one of the more extremely patriotic Countires out there, so it's no surprise Ovie falls in line with that. You probably get looked at weird if you don't support your Country over there, tbh. Oh and if you don't believe me that the "fake news" bullexcrement social media stuff is starting to destroy things. Go on twitter and find any thread with lots of replies/interest. Dig and dig. And before you know it you'll see the "telephone effect" for those who aren't as old there used to be a game kids played where they'd tie string to a can and pass a message along through it like a fake telephone. You'd do this over and over and over and by the time you go to the end, the story that the kid was telling almost had nothing to do with the original message sent. Real world news has turned into that. One person says something factual, but puts just enough biting commentary on it that people latch onto the commentary, and before you know it, things turn into a generalization, which turns into a misquote of the facts, which turns into facts that didn't even happen in the first place, which turns into we have completely judged and determined things about people without ever actually verifying any facts at all. The worst part about all this? Half the time these things start for good reasons, like trying to call out bad people for doing bad things or trying to help something. But before you know it your quoting things that never even happened. We are far too judgmental as a society these days, and people consistently forget that we are a species of mammals and are not all going to fit perfectly into societies defined acceptable standards.
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    1) Feels good to beat the bad guys. Wish they could do it in the playoffs too 2) Despite all of our struggles this season, it is good to know that we are only 2 points away from being top 5 in the league. Should be able to pick up some more steam when some players start coming back. I don't think anyone expected us to win another Presidents' Trophy, not after our offseason losses. But I also think it was reasonable to assume we could still be a top 5 team or top 8 team at the very least. Good to know we are within shouting distance.
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    Trotz needs to talk to Kuzy and tell him if he passes up the open net he’s not getting a sweater the next game. It’s ridiculous.
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    LOL, agreed! It gets better! Just as I was feeling more youthful for doing, what I thought, was a top secret, stealthy, job of egg hiding, I walked back in the house, called the kids to go find the eggs, but couldn't understand why they were giggling a little bit, under their breath! I had just assumed they'd be more excited, or something!! Anyway, they immediately went out, and to my surprise, just like a military search and destroy mission, they split up, and each one went out, and ran DIRECTLY to the eggs!!! I mean, NO FUSS, NO MUSS!! DONE!!! (little bastards had watched me hide the eggs through an upstairs window) !! LOL. My self image dropped from youthful to geezer, in less than a millisecond! Little F**CKERS!!! Rush
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    Peluso is not an NHL player. In fact, he is not even a regular for the Hershey Bears. If theCaps wanted to call up a physical player they should have called up Liam O’Brien and given him some playing time.
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    yep. anyone that can grow a beard like you definitely is
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    Hope everything went alright today.
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    Wow didn’t see us winning that one.
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    I don't really understand your attack on Alta. You may have different political views, but to call him a Nazi, or a :Nazi sympathiser? That's too much luv'! He's actually a really kind, generous, intelligent and sweet guy. As an Englishwoman, I am completely opposed to your gun laws, but that doesn't mean that I think every white American male that is in to guns, is a redneck. Any more than any granny who pulls a gun from her handbag on a New York subway to confront a thug. I have met AJ also and liked him very much. I have no idea why he posted that video. Like many others here, I didn't watch it for a long time, but when all this 'hoo-hah' came up I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Admittedly, I didn't like it very much, but I'm not from a Jewish heritage. Both my grandfathers served as pilots in that war. One got his arm blown off for his trouble. I have been to Auschwitz and it is the most shocking and sobering place I have ever been. It was many, many years ago, but I will never ever forget it. I have issues with some of our immigration laws in my country, but that doesn't make me a racist, nor a bigot. I'm a musician, remember?, You condemning Alta for defending AJ, as a person, I think is out of order. Especially in the way you've gone about it. Then the attack on DC? Not you, but the same principle. I will echo DC in saying that you've always been great fun on here and a valuable contributor to these boards. Don't let this descent into pettiness and silliness escalate any more. This is a hockey site and whilst we do diverge into other subjects, on which many of us often conflict, we are still the Washington Capitals Fans family.
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    First, I don't know if I'd call Bayne sensible, but that is another conversation. Second, maybe I'll watch it and say what I think. Third, **** you.
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    Not quite as loony as you think. When you consider that Ovi has been told he will get severely reprimanded for having his shirt tucked in at the back ever again, yet Crosby is allowed to spear people from behind in their gonads, with not even a whisper of dissent. Even our players have had their shirts tucked in with no comment or rebuke, since. They don't like when Ovi used to crash the plex after a goal, yet many have done that since without the same condemnation. Certain refs are biased. Certain refs are corrupt. Neither is the same as a bad ref. A bad ref is usually equally bad for both teams.
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    He's Russian, alright! EMPLOYER: WASHINGTON CAPITALS; NHL 🇺🇸.........(NOT KHL)! MAIN OFFICE LOCATION: Arlington, VA 🇺🇸.........(NOT Moscow)! SALARY: 10m/yr. 🇺🇸............("Hey Vladimir,...LOOK, I'm rich")! PAY DENOMINATION: U.S. Dollars 🇺🇸........(NOT Ruble's) He's quite the patriot, that Ovi guy, huh? Maybe Putin, the "shirtless horseman", can explain how THAT works, to his fellow Muscovites!! OUR PRESIDENT COULD!! Rush
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    different wench, I was thinking this one...
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    I am really disappointed with the way Trotz is treating Grubi and watching Grubi's presser it won't be long until he is demanding a trade.
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    "2 degrees in beebop, phd in swing, he's the master of rhythm he's a rock and roll king" Waiting for Columbus is one of the best live albums ever made imo, even with the editing! We used to listen to it religiously in my younger days.. Dusted it off a few months ago and wore it out for about a week straight. Came in to bich about the piss poor performance and saw the little feet references.. Now Im in limbo.. lol
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    I don't think this team listens to him that well
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    It was on everyone .. they all were asleep. Orpik allowed his stick to get lifted and then Ellers (who's been our best player now for at least 2 weeks) was late coming down to take over Orpik's defensive spot at the edge of the cage.
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    DSP still on the top line makes no sense. He isn't helping Kuzy or Ovi produce. Send him to the third line and give Wilson a legit chance. Walker in the line-up makes me so happy! #firstlineWalker
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    I highly suspect a blowjob from Cynde
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    That's a pretty diverse bit of music, gonhkn! Cool. If I'm not mistaken, Rod Evans, did the lead vocals and keyboards for iron butterfly, then he helped to form that band I was talking about in another post, Captain Beyond. All good stuff though buddy. I liked when the police did synchronicity AND synchronicity II, (same album).
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    LOL. I think I've still got a Carpenters album. Hell, I actually like it still! Karen Carpenter, (rest in peace), has, IMHO, one of the most crystalline voices ever!!
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    heh i’ve been listening to this song for almost two hours . . . a throw back saloon drinkin song that has been overlooked . . . Bobby ain’t what most think he is. . .
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    I've actually been to The Stone Pony, was some local no name band. Bruce has ruined it with his politics, much like Bono
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    That was by far the best game the Caps have played this season. When Edmonton scored the 2nd goal I almost turnrd the game off. No way did I see the Caps scoring five unanswered goals. The Kuzy line was amazing and DSP looked good on it, he may stick there if he keeps playing like that.
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    isn't that sexual harassment? cause ya know if I said come on Alex Kingston give me moist shorts wouldn't that be considered such these days? It may have something to do with the accent
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    The entire team has looked different tonight. The net crashing is amazing. DSPs presence on the Ovi line seems to have lit a fire under Ovi. Ovi-Backstrom-Oshie shift looked amazing... sad to see it was a one time thing. Kind of looks like the team has said "screw it, lets just see what happens if we just play."
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    The 2009 Pens, with 25 games left in the season, were 5 points out of a playoff spot. Barely at .5000. The Caps were polar opposite, winning at random and chasing opponents out of the rinks. During a game, Ovie waved at Crosby while on the bench prompting an announcer to comment that it signified the way the teams were going. After giving up a 2-0 lead and losing 6 - 2 against the Leafs, the Pens fired their coach. Dan Bylsma came in to do mop up duty and maybe finish the year looking respectable at least. Instead they went 18-3-4 right into the playoffs where they pushed the teddy bear Caps out of the way to win their first of three Stanley Cups. What did it for the Pens? The team did not let the fact the Therrien was coming off a season where he led the Pens all the way to the cup final, influence their decision. They had seen enough. Is Trottie's time up in DC? Love the guy but yes, it is. Lack of heart from the coaches down is what this team has been lacking for years. Hi, Torts! Time for a change up before the Full House turns into Empty Nest.
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    yes for nothing else than to say “we need a guy placed on waivers by both an expansion team, and by our former GM to improve our D” because there is a sick and twisted humor to that 😁
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    I don't believe for a second that it's the coaching. It's the excrementty, lazy players.
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    No. But he does have the record for pipe HITS!!! LMAO
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    If he doesn't then he for sure holds the record for most times camera pans to his face and he just doesn't give a ****. Even his smirk when we score, kid always looks too stoned to bother getting emotional.
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    Of course he hasn't produced. He's a russian that just got an over-inflated, long-term (ish) contract. He was wildly inconsistent when he was playing for this contract, now that he has it (and there's no accountability on this team) what makes you think he would actually play better???????
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    I pretty sure that's a behavior that is driven out of them in juniors by the soft cooing of a coach
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    Dear god John Carlson is bad. Like does he have the same defensive hockey iq as Ovechkin now? Where was he on the last two goals against in front of the net with his head in the clouds. I didn't realise Nicky was out, man he's been clear cut our MVP this season, and we certainly notice it without him.
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    Hey Detroit. It was very cool tonight at the Steely Dan concert at MGM theater. They did a tribute of course to Walter Becker, but Donald Fagen acknowledged and pay respect to the death of Fats Domino, as well !!
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    I was ready for Burt to "break out" 2 years ago. Had some regular season time, slumped, got benched, got another chance then in the playoffs he lit it up a couple games.. Then back to being a ghost, bench, spark.. Rinse repeat.. Just doesn't look like the kid has the head or heart to meet expectations.. Hope he heels up and proves me wrong, but I won't be holding breath, as usual.. So who's up next? Stevenson? Just once I'd love to see the Caps pull someone off the AHL and have them actually exceed expectations for more than a minute.. ONCE!! lol
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    . . .damn, he was a true icon that influenced damn near every artist since he first came out. Heres to you Fats!
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    If a single law would actually make a difference to a criminal I'm pretty sure the one about murder being illegal would've fixed things
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    Wow Arjuna! I can't imagine, just WHAT A DAY you had today. I'm very glad for you, and those, who care, here on the board, that you chose to share tonite, your day! Very sweet of Lily to ask, as well! I hardly know you, only through posting here, but one thing I DO know, is that it takes one hell of a MAN, to say such beautiful things, stated in such a heart felt way, about his best friends life!! FWIW, you helped ME, tonite, in reading you post! Think about the truthful accolades, you've shared here, about your friend, to us! Now consider, again, that this great guy....CHOSE YOU, as his best friend, also! You've got "a lotta HEART", my good man!! I believe your friend couldn't be prouder of you, today!! Stay strong, brother!! Rush
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    😆🤣🤣😆🤣🤣🤗🤗🤗😌 Now THAT’S a complete example of utter BULLSHlT!!! And that you have no way to prove I what say, and moreover, you don’t know who, and what, you’re dealing with. you ain’t good enough to prove wrong, which is why you’re scrambling with this crap. Now a real man would stop ruining OUR threads and boards, but you’re just gonna try your sympathy act, or pretend to take the “high ground”, because the only thing you’re right about is that you know you can’t win
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    yeah, we don’t believe you. that is a fact.
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    Sure he's a narcissist and he creates some issues by saying whatever he wants but the media is out of control making him out to be a villain, which he is not. It is baffling to me how stupid some sheeple are. They claim he is a racist, a this and that yet they have nothing to substantiate it. This "me me me me me" **** is destrying our country.
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    I agree about our production, at the moment, Maaco, but dont find it as alarming as our overall DEFENSE issues, AND this knack, that the Caps have started showing again, to "de-energize", (for lack of a better word), at seemingly random intervals during the game. Production itself, hasn't really been the issue that sticks out much, whatever line number, when we lose. When we have a lack of production, it is usually, and naturally, a SYMPTOM of our teams random, but sure-to-happen, decline in energy/attitude!! There in, lies the CAUSE!! IMHO, here's why; Unfortunately, this issue, affects more, our DEFENSE, as it is in worse shape, relative to our offense!! When our D gets sloppy, it never fails to allow our opponent, much longer possession time, SOG's, Goals, and allows us fewer opportunities to score! (I know you know this, already), but my point is that, again IMO, we have a much shorter training path to improving our production, than the BILLION-mile distance, we need to go, to improve our Defense, and retaining our killer instinct throughout the game. THESE ARE HUGE ISSUES!! With the talent we STILL retain, production would easily come, if these two issues, could be rectified!! And to be honest, it not lookin' good at the moment!! Rush
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    Full trap, Hunter hockey time!! Top 6 should love that!! lol Do we even have a bottom 6? Haven't noticed..
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    Went to the game - actually pretty fun to watch the speed. If you would let me swap their players into our jerseys for the next five years I would make that trade in a minute. Sorry to say that. A couple observations. First, the post game guys said Bowey played well - not from where I sat. I'm sure he will develop but it will be a long road. Next, we continue to be an unselfish team that loves to pass. Maybe that is human nature or maybe it is coached. What should be coached is to SHOOT! I want selfish, gritty, competitive guys that will run over the mothers in the garage to get into the arena so they can SHOOT and SCORE!!!
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    I wish we had a player named Hyman . . . (ohhhhh the names and phrases we’d come up with)