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    Bear with the long post. So I grew up in St. Louis during the 60s-80s. My parents, mostly my mother, took me to many Blues games and I became a huge hockey fan. Red Berenson, Gary Unger, the Plager Brothers, Noel Picard, Bernie Federko, etc... For some reason Jack Egers was my favorite and I wore out his #15 jersey playing street hockey and imitating his slap shot. My mother took me to game after game, and would even wait with me in the freezing parking garage after the games so I could get autographs when the players left. It turned into a special Mother-Son bond. Fast forward to about 9 years ago. I have two daughters and I decided to see how they would like hockey, so I took my youngest down to Verizon for the last game of the season, planning to buy tickets outside. I approached several people selling tickets and was shocked with the prices. I could afford it, but I didn't realize how high tickets had risen and was just annoyed by it. I apologized to my daughter and told her we were going to head home. Just at that time, a man turned to me and asked if we were Caps fans. I said yes, we were planning to be, and that this was going to be our first game. He said "here you go" and handed me two tickets - refusing to take payment. We went into the arena, sat down and I started explained the nuances of hockey including "icing" and "off-sides". My daughter loved it and we had fantastic time - together. I am forever grateful to that man. The next year, I bought season tickets and for the next 8 years, I took both my daughters to many, many games. We experienced the highs and lows and they became avid fans with their own favorite players and jerseys. It has been our special Father-Daughter bond. So, now they are older and we are moving away from the area in the next few weeks. My final game as a season-ticketholder is tomorrow and although I didn't plan it this way, it just turned out that the game is against the St. Louis Blues. I will sit in the stands with my daughter just as my Mom sat with me. When I get home from the game, my wife will ask me "who won?". My answer will be "I did".
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    Caps 25-13-3 53 points take on the St.Louis Blues 26-16-2 54 points. This game will determine whether a rusty team can beat a tired team. The Caps last played on Tuesday night when they beat Carolina 5 to 4 in OT. The Blues OTH played the Flyers on Saturday where they got hammered 6 to 3. This will be the Blues third game in four days so they will be running on fumes. The Caps meanwhile will be fresh and more importantly will have Niskanen back in the lineup. Also Andre Burakovsky will be returning to the lineup with something to prove. Based on Saturday’s practice, the lines and defensive pairings will be: Ovie Backstrom Oshie Vrana Kuznetsov Wilson Connolly Eller Smith-Pelly Burakovsky Beagle Chaisson Orlov Niskanen Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Holtby will be in net for the Caps and Carter Hutton will be in net for the Blues. The Caps need to get off to a fast start and keep the Blues on their heels. I will be very diaspointed if the Caps don’t win this game. While the Caps may be rusty at first they should be able to shake off the rust and play their game. The Blues will be tired and the Caps have to take advantage of that. I am looking forward to seeing Wilson on the 2nd line and hopefully he will add some spark to that line. He should be able to create some space for Vrana and Kuzy. I also want to see a good effort from Burakovsky, we need to get him going and hopefully he will respond like he has in the past when he has been a healthy scratch. Finally, I hope Oshie finds his scoring touch now that he is reunited with Ovie and Backstrom. The referees for the game will be Kyle Rehman and Francios Charron. The game will be on NBCSW.
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    It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win. I was not expecting that tight of game, have to give the Blues a lot of credit. The 2nd period had to be one of the worst periods of the year for the Caps. We were outshot 17 to 6, that can’t happen. In OT Holtby kept us in the game, the Blues had at least 3 or 4 prime scoring chances but Holtby some how came up with the save and then Backstrom scores on our one prime chance in OT. It was interesting that Trotz in the second period switched Oshie and Smith-Pelly and I thought Oshie played well with Eller and Connolly and Smith-Pelly adds speed to the first line. Good to see Oshie get a couple of assists but still doesn’t look like his old self. Wilson looked good on the second line and it had its moments. Vrana drew a couple of penalties by driving to the net.
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    Caps 22-13-2, 46 points take on division rival New York Rangers 19-13-4, 42 points. Both teams lost their last two games going into the Christmas break. Caps won the previous meeting on Dec. 8th by the score of 4-2 so the Rangers will be looking for revenge. Based on the morning skate it appears that Grubauer will be in net tonight although this has not been confirmed by Trotz and I find this quite surprising if true. It seems to me you don’t start your backup goalie against a division rival which is a 4 point game. With a win the Rangers would only be two ponts behind us with a game in hand. In such a situation you have to go with your best goalie. I understand that Holtby owns the Bruins and we play them tomorrow night but still lets focus on the game at hand and worry about tomorrow’s game later. As for the lines, Stephenson is sick and missed the morning skate and will not play tonight so Chaisson is back in. The lines will be: Ovie Backstrom Wilson Vrana Kuznetsov Oshie Connolly Eller Burakovsky Smith-Pelly Beagle Chaisson Defense pairings will be Orlov Niskanen Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Referees for tonight’s game will be Wes McCauley and Jon McIsaac. Game will be on NBCSN Rivalry Night starting at 8:00. Just a quick update, Rangers are starting their backup goalie tonight, Pavelec is starting instead of Lundquist. Very strange.
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    Which is why I think we need a shake up. If a bunch of randoms who have never played with each other before can play for a coach they've never played for before and put together wins like LV has, then why doesn't a team that has significantly more on-paper talent, and supposedly significantly more chemistry together, play just as well? I think players are coasting, going through the motions, and Trotz can't squeeze much more out of the guys. I get that this is a back to back on the road against a team that's playing well. Usually I give the Caps a break in such cases, but not today considering they were on vacation last night. The honest truth is, the Caps haven't played since Tuesday either.
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    Its so sad to see what has happened. When people come to the official website of the Washington Capitals and go to the discussion boards and they see this they must be shocked.
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    There is no argument that numbers are dwindling as the thread posts and activity speak for themselves. Some significant changes occurred that were not well announced to the board and that seemed to be the catalyst in my view.
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    Caps 27-13-3, 57 points take on the Carolina Hurricanes 19-15-8, 46 points in the first game of a back to back series. Caps will play Carolina in Raleigh tomorrow night. It would be sweet if the Caps could get 3 out of a possible 4 points in this series. I think tonight’s game is the key, Caps need to win tonight and it is not going to be easy, as last week’s game against Carolina proved. Caps gave up a 2 goal lead and had to come back on two goals by Ovie to win it 5 to 4 in OT. I expect another close game tonight as Carolina has been playing well lately. They lost a tough one against Tampa Bay on Tuesday night. Based on the morning skate it appears that Connolly and Chorney will be the healthy scratches and the lines will be: Ovie Backstrom Smith-Pelly Vrana Kuznetsov Wilson Burakovsky Eller Oshie Stephenson Beagle Chaisson Defense pairings will be the same as before: Orlov Niskanen Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Holtby will be in net tonight. The officials for tonight’s game will be Brad Meier and Trevor Hanson. In the DC area the game will be on NBCSW and outside the Washinton area it will be on the NHL Network. I am intrigued by the new third line, that could be a very potent line if Burakovsky and Oshie can find their scoring touch. The second line had a dominant performance against the Canucks and I hope to see more of the same tonight. Wilson adds a lot to that line and in the Vancouver game he had numerous scoring chances. He just needs to convert on some of them. Vrana also had a strong game and Kuzy scored a goal. Hope to see more from the 1st line, it had a realtively quiet game Tuesday night.
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    Braden Holtby will join Ovie and Trotz at the All-Star Game as he was named today when they announced the rosters. It is richly deserved because I believe he is the number one reason the Caps are where they are today in the standings. Unfortunately John Carlson did not make it and he clearly has better numbers than Kris Letang who was selected but there was no way the Caps were going to have three players on the team. So Congratulations to the three of them. Also the Caps locker room staff was selected to be the Metro Division locker room staff so good for them too.
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    Caps 26-13-3, 55 points take on the struggling Vancouver Canucks 16-20-6, 38 points. This is the proverbial trap game as the Canucks have lost 4 in a row and sit near the botton of the NHL standings while the Caps have won 4 in a row and 9 in a row at home. However, the Caps should not be feeling too smug as in their previous meeting this season in October, the Canucks took it to the Caps by a score of 6 to 2. Hopefully, the Caps will use that as a motivating factor in tonight’s game. You cannot lose two games to a bottom dweller like the Canucks. Based on the morning skate it appears that Stephenson will be in the lineup tonight and Chaisson will be sitting. The lines to begin the game at least will be: Ovie Backstrom Smith-Pelly Vrana Kuznetsov Wilson Connolly Eller Oshie Stephenson Beagle Burakovsky Defense pairings will be the same as last game Orlov Niskanen Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Grubauer will be in net and the officials will be Kevin Pollock and Kendrick Nicholson. Game will be on NBCSW. A player on Vancouver to keep an eye on is Brock Boeser who is a rookie and has scored 22 goals and 40 points. He is the leading candidate to win the Calder trophy as the rookie of the year. Prior to playing in the NHL, he played two years with the University of North Dakota and Caps prospect Shane Gersich. GO CAPS!
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    Only via PM is the only method unless they have shared info outside the forum.
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    Let's GO CAPS! Will be attending tonight!
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    That is an excellent suggestion Lady 1908. I hope beaglefan2 follows up with your suggestion.
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    If you reach out to NovaCaps blog they would probably be thrilled to do an article on you and your story.
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    I'm worries about the turnovers and general carelessness with the puck. I know a 4 day layoff will affect timing but I'm seeing the same thing every night. This team also looks for the perfect pass instead of shooting the puck. Kuzy is starting to piss me off. This team also lacks a killer instinct. Ovi goes into cruise mode and the rest of the team follows his lead. The 2 players I've been really impressed with are Willy and Lars. They both have great motors and compete relentlessly when they're out on the ice. I wish the rest of the team would adopt their get up and go.
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    Congratulations to Trotz for being named head coach for the Metropolitan Division. Trotz has done a good job with this team this year but if we flame out again in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs I wonder whether he will be re-signed. My guess is that he will be re-signed regardless of how we do in the playoffs.
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    Too close for my taste. A lost would have been sad considering Blues are on a back to back and we're rested. I guess we do poorly without rest and with rest... Another one in the W column, another one in the "what would we have done without Ovi?" column too
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    Significant Changes from last game.
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    What a great game. Tough loss for Sweden but they have nothing to be ashamed of. Canada scored the winning goal with 100 seconds left and then added an empty net goal. Congratulations Canada you derserved the Gold Medal.
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    Caps are at Carolina for the first game of the New Year and conclusion of the first half of the season. Unfortunately the Caps may be missing two key players as Matt Niskanen will definitley be out and Nick Backstrom may be missing as he was sick this morning and missed the morning skate although Trotz was optimistic that he would be able to play tonight so that is encouraging. However, it is difficult to tell what the lines will be. At practice this morning, Stephenson took Backstrom’s place as the top line center and Burakovsky took Stephenson’s place on the 4th line. Assuming, however, that Backstrom does play I expect the lines to be: Ovie, Backstrom Smith-Pelly Vrana Kuznetsov Oshie Connolly Eleer Wilson Stephenson Beagle Chaisson With Niskanen missing the defense pairings I am sure will be constantly changing depending on the situation. At practice yesterday the pairings consisted of: Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Orlov Chorney This is going to be a tough game as Carolina is difficult to beat on their home ice, I believe they have won 8 games in a row at home. Also with Caps missing Niskanen and Backstrom or even if Backstrom plays he may not be 100% the Caps will not be at full strength. To win, the Caps will probably need Holtby to steel the game as I foresee most of the game being played in our end of the ice. Holtby will be in the net and the referees will be Tim Peel and Ghislain Hebert.
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    I like Carlson. Don't think I've ever had a serious issue with him. I know some on the boards don't like him but I think he's an asset, and I'd rather have him than roll the dice with some other Dman who might end up being garbage. I would try to resign him, but I wouldn't want to break the bank if it means not resigning some other key player (though I think most of our key guys are already locked up right?)
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    Caps 23-13-13, 49 points take on the Division leading Devils 22-9-6, 50 points. The Devils along with Vegas have to be the biggest surprise in the NHL. Last season they had 70 points, they already have 50 in less than a half of a season. Caps beat the Devils 5 to 3 in their previous meeting. Devils lost in OT last night to Buffalo so Caps should be the fresher team. This is another big 4 point game so lets hope the Caps come out strong and play a full 60 minute game. If they do I think they will win. Based on the morning skate Burakovsky and Bowey will be healthy scratches so the lines and defensive pairings will be: Ovie Backstrom Smith-Pelly Vrana Kuznetsov Oshie Connolly Eller Wilson Stephenson Beagle Chaisson Orlov Niskanen Djoos Carlson Orpik Chorney Holtby will be in net and the officials will be Wes McCauley and Tim Chmielewski. Game will be on NBCSNWAS.
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    Yes it was a solid win. I thought the Caps played well all 3 periods, although after we scored the 2nd goal I thought we let up and the Devils outplayed us the rest of the period. At one point, Caps were up 8 to 1 SOG but then the Devils had 11 shots to the Caps 4. The second and third periods though I thought the Caps played pretty consistent throughout the period. Niskanen’s goal was huge, when he scored I was pretty sure we were going to win. Defenseman were really jumping up into the play and I like that. Holtby had another solid game but I don’t think he was tested as much as in other games.
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    And USA WINS GAME IN SHOOTOUT. It appears that Canada is not very good in shootouts, last year lost Gold Medal game in a shootout.
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    Caps 22-13-3, 47 points seek their 12th straight win over the Bruins 20-10-5, 45 points. In the two previous meetings this season, both played in Boston, the Caps won 3 to 2 and 5 to 3. With an optional morning skate there is no indication what the lines will be tonight. Chandler Stephenson did participate in the skate so he possibly could be back in the lineup. Also with being shutout in two consecutive games it would not be surprising if Trotz changes up the lines. One change I could see is reuniting Oshie with Ovie and Backstrom and putting Wilson with Kuzy and Vrana. We will just have to wait and see, Trotz may decide to go with the same lines but if they aren’t producing change them up during the game like he did in the Vegas game The defense pairings will most likely be the same and Holtby will be in the net. Referees will be Dean Morton and TJ Luxmore. Game time will be 7:30 and will be aired on NBCSN.
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    I'm grateful that we have a good backup too. But part of me feels bad for him. He could easily be a starter on another team, and yet he's here with a bunch of deadbeats in front of him who can't get it up whenever he's playing. It's actually kinda unfortunate that our team's pretty decent record is masking our underlying issues. We've won 23 games this season. 14 of those wins were ones in which Ovi scored. 8 of those 14 wins in which Ovi scored were ones in which the game was close enough (i.e. a 1 goal game) or the game wasn't close but Ovie scored a ton of goals that made it not close, that you could argue without Ovi they could have lost. 5-4 SO win vs OTT. Ovi scored 3 6-1 win vs MTL. Ovi scored 4 4-3 OT win vs DET. Ovi scored 1 3-2 win vs BOS. Ovi scored 1 3-2 OT win vs ARI. Ovi scored 1 4-2 win vs TOR. Ovi scored 3 4-3 win vs CBJ. Ovi scored 1 3-2 OT win vs ANA. Ovi scored 1 How much longer can the best goal scorer in NHL history + a Vezina caliber goalie carry this team and mask our underlying garbage play?
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    USA leads Denmark 5 to 0 after the first period. It has been all USA, Denmark is not in the same league as USA. Can’t really get a good read on the USA until they play a quality opponent. Friday will be the real test when they play Canada. Four different players scored for the USA. Mittelstad scored two goals, and Jones, Bellows and Yamamoto scored the other three goals. Just read that Lars Eller’s dad is the coach of the Denmark team. Feel sorry for him. It is now 6 to 0 as Bellows pots his second goal.