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    And I hope Kadri gets explosive diarrhea on the flight home.
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    The refs can call a bench minor for that crap. Especially since he was warned in game 2. It no doubt should have been a penalty tonight. Anyone that does not see clearly how the NHL has it out for the Caps is one stupid SOB. It took me a long while to start whining about the refs, but a couple years ago it had become to blatantly obvious that only a fool would deny it. It's a massive money machine and corruption is absolutely in the formula to maximize profits. Washington is not a huge market so we get the short end every time, especially when the opponent is someone like Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Toronto, Montreal, L.A. and the like.
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    Is it just me or has the 'trying to sneak in a change' after icing to get a delay to rest players started to get out of hand. The last several games I have watched (not just Caps games) there were instances where there was a delay when the ref had to go check and see who was on the ice. This is in effect a free time out to the team that just iced the puck. There was a blatant example tonight. This should merit a delay of game penalty.
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    Love how all the fans bee-yotch about the players being gutless, spineless, heartless, and then turn off the game with the team winning to watch a movie and demand it get blown up after Game 3. Y'all are more embarrassing than you claim the team is.
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    It's not panic, DJ. They are not playing anything resembling playoff hockey. They have turned the puck over more times in this series than they did in the last 2 weeks of the season combined. The lack of attention to detail and to playing physical, smart hockey is astounding. Kuzy, Bura and Mojo have largely been no-shows in the series. Niskanen is scary every time he touches the puck and Alzner/Carlson are not much better. If they don't find another gear they will not win this series. Sad but true. Can they win? Of course. They were the best team in the league this season. But nobody is going to lay down and they have to play without being so nervous. They are playing most of the game not to lose -- only when they are down and need to come back do they show the fire they need to win.
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    To all of you guys who bring the laughs and conversations that actually make this place interesting. If there were only manic rants and comments about how bad or great the team is, or this or that players is, and/or playoff failures or unfettered optimism this place would totally suck. Thank you, you know who you are.
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    First post. Nice. If you are a Leafs fan you should be proud for the future. If you are a Pens fan you should go suck hard on an exhaust pipe.
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    ***!in Keith Jones acts like he never wore a Caps jersey. I think Milbury has his balls in his hand for ransom.
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    i hate don cherry so effing much he is a ball of trash dressed in my grandmothers curtains
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    The best retaliation is to score goals tomorrow night and knock that POS onto the golf course
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    OH THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU HOCKEY GODS AND THANK YOU JUSTIN WILLIAMS!!! I also want to thanks my mother, my father and the person who serves me at my local shop...............
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    We haven't given them anything to fear. . .One would think that an 8th seed full of 19-23 year olds down 3-1 to a 1st team with back to back presidents trophies, two or three players HOF players and a Veizna trophy winner, would of folded up, took some selfies, got a few of thier authographs and started planning their vacation . . .but, that's not the case in the least. I totally agree, but I would go as far as saying its very "telling", and that Toronto has "nothing" to fear
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    First star in my book, all that matters. i promise not to give him a lower body injury
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    Agree. Unsportsmanlike penalty fer sure. Bet the Caps get one if they try it.....
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    between what has been called against the Caps and what hasn't been called against Toronto there is no fukin way you can tell me the league doesn't give the jackass zebras orders
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    And I love how mindless cheerleaders like you get pissed on for 30 years and beg for more of the same.
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    If and I say if the Caps lose this series, it's truly time to blow it up. I love Ovechkin and Backstrom, but this core simply can't get it done. We have 9.5 million tied up per year in a 70 point player. We have several players who simply aren't mentally or physically tough enough for playoff hockey. We have some young guys to keep and build on, but it's time e for the old guard to go and try to build a mentally and physically tough playoff team. Go in as the 5 seed and do some damage. Watching these guys fold year after year is beyond ridiculous.
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    The reality is that the Caps are either unable or unwilling to keep a consistent level of intensity. We come out flying and score 2. Then we foot-off-gas and give up one. Another few desperate shifts and Kuzy scores. Then we treat the 5-on-3 as if its no big deal. Bam, bam, it's even. Great teams never slow down. No lead is "enough." They finish the opponent by burying them. We get up a little, then slack off. The Caps just lack the will or culture to win...
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    One down, fifteen to go. Hey team, please make an effort to end these games in regulation with a comfortable lead. I can't be having too many Fred Sanford moments this spring!
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    Bottom line -- you were the best team in hockey and you are at home. Go out and win the game.
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    Why are we not being WAYYYYY more physical and knocking these guys on their аsses?
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    LOL ... Just another day at La casa 1908 ...
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    or when they get ahead and don't trap, but start trying to be the Harlem Globetrotters on ice and string to together a series of toe drags and no look passes that turn into breakaways and goals for the other team
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    Look, I'm the first one to say the Cup is what matters, but two straight President's Trophy winners has to be at least appreciated, if not celebrated. The Caps may not win the Stanley Cup, the game changes in the playoffs and stuff happens. But regardless, I think this year's model is a damn good team and BMac has to get a lot of the credit for that. Was Eller a trendy move or Connolly or Willams? Not sure I get that. And I had forgotten about Winnick. That trade was primarily to get rid of Laich's contract and they came up with a really productive guy. Oshie wasn't a particularly popular acquisition at the time because they moved a popular Cap to get him in Brouwer. Yet Oshie has turned out to be the most productive linemate 8 and 19 have ever had. Shattenkirk was reportedly acquired as much to keep him from Pittsburgh as to help the Caps. You think Pit would like to have Shattenkirk now given Letang's injury? I think it is a fair comment to say the best GMs are the trend setters and not just the ones to react to trends. BMac may or may not develop into that. But he was clearly given one instruction when hired and that is to win a Cup before the window closes. It seems to me that the guy has done pretty much everything he can toward that end, whether it works out or not.
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    Loving this...
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    Logic would dictate the highest seed plays the lowest seed and so on. Logic somehow always eludes the NHL. They really can't seem to get anything right.
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    In the news today there was this polar bear praying that the Capitals win the cup this year. He was quoted saying, "I earn my living on the Ice. I wish the Caps would earn theirs too."
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    Should have won this game in regulation. No excuse.
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    Things I'd like to see the Caps do more in the playoffs: 1. Win
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    Yes he is. Agree with him or not. Like him or not, he's still one of ours. You're gonna have your hands and fingers busy with all the trolls in the next series DC.
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    For those of you who still think Trotz can't coach, go back and watch the Williams goal. He puts out Beagle for the defensive draw with Kuzy and Mojo, has Niskanen lead the rush with the forwards so Beagle can lag behind and quick-change with Williams who the Toronto wingers failed to pick up off the bench. Mojo won a race, Kuzy put it on a platter, and Williams feasted. Coaches coach, players execute, games are won. It really is that simple.
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    So has trading Ovechkin and throwing Jojo in a volcano.
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    Bothers you that I was right, DJ? As soon as they blew the 5 v 3 I said they had lost the game and the series. I'm not the one whose been touting the Leafs as being "just as good" as the Caps. They will be in a couple of years but most of their best players aren't even shaving yet. You'd think our "experience" would have them running around like chickens with their head cut off -- instead it's us? Really? And you aren't at all embarrassed by this performance? You are a good hockey guy. You know the game. But if you aren't willing to take this team to task that makes you a blind homer. This was the season to put up or shut up and they are going to have to shut up because they aren't showing us a goddamn thing. And the movie was better than watching this team fold like a cheap tent. Again.
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    right, because Holtby is clearly the problem
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    If the Caps blow this I'm starting a petition to make May the head coach
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    He's not allowed to take his bong on the road........
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    Omg I'm eating here all week when we play!!!!!!
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    since this has come back around to the original topic, If they don't make it to the Cup finals I would make sure we keep Holts, Alzner and Oshie. EVERYONE else is on the chopping block.
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    That was the best result for one of the worst power plays we have seen from the Caps. We looked totally lost until the last few seconds.
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    can you start some more of these, I wanna make sure I cover my bases for GWG poll
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    Philthy is OUT! This makes me happy. One team to not have to worry about getting injured against.
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    And don't have a solid grasp of either...
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