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  2. Just south. It's part of what we call the "Green Belt". Commuter haven. Beautiful countryside, villages and towns for rural living, but with easy access to the city. A lovely county to live in.
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  4. Where is Surrey in relation to London?
  5. I'm really starting to like that Lars Eller fella.........
  6. I can't say I'm holding up much hope for this next series of games tbh, but again, tbh, I didn't expect for us to get this far this year either! Ha ha! I'm amazed we even made it to the playoffs with the depleted D we have. Shocked, stunned, even a little bit impressed...........
  7. I adore you. Thank you.
  8. Lily great to see you here. I would really like to see this Board get back to what it was prior to the great defection. That was a great game by the Caps and yes the Caps had a much better season than most people believed. It would be incredible if we could somehow beat the Penguins. Obviously it won’t be easy. Have to play better at home. What is hard to believe is that we won this series but only won one game at home.
  9. Good job Caps; Waaaay better than I expected. Now the flightless fouls AGAIN We do not have a legit emote........SHOCKER!
  10. Loving me some Lars Eller!
  11. Nice job
  12. Like many others,I never though we would get this far this,year. But we have. So lets get at it.........
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  14. I would reach out to their Twitter account used for music management so they can answer that for you !
  15. A lot of the regulars just got tired of the lack of proper management here as well as some heavy-handed admin action during the Admin's annual appearance here. Everyone has moved to a new board at The GDT's are there now and there are discussions on many topics. The forum there just keeps getting better and better. Troublemakers are gently, but firmly handled. Check it out. And it's free with no ads.
  16. The Capitals play a video at the arena and as they step out onto the ice, what song is played after the horn and during the announcement of the lineup? Sounds like a fanfare.
  17. Gruby to start game 1.
  18. I actually contemplated this a few months back. For the record I like Holtby, and I don't blame him for this year's struggles, but it is hard not to think about the potential return from trading him. Gruby seems ready to be a starter, and the skill gap between Holtby and Gruby is, in my opinion, much much smaller than most perceive (if there exists a gap at all). Trading Holtby could help us land some solid pieces for the D or F positions. It could free up some salary space. Meanwhile, Gruby is a very solid replacement for a cheaper price.
  19. I agree that the NTC does throw a bit of a wrench in the idea of trading Holtby. Aside from that, however, I don't think we are going to need to retain any of his salary. The slump he experienced this season and a few bad playoff games last season do not devalue his achievements. Also, considering how much other comparable goalies make (Lundqvist - 8.5M, Price - 10.5M, Bobrovsky - 7.4M) Holtby's 6.1 M cap hit will seem like a bargain. He is a great goalie and other teams know it. I would want to keep Holtby were Gruby not playing as well as he is.
  20. Holtby isn't going any where unless Caps eat part of his salary. His cap hit is over 6 million for another two years. He has not been a 6 million dollar goalie this year. Nor was he a 6 million dollar goalie in last year's playoffs.
  21. I was present when Ovi played his very first NHL game against Columbus and will never forget get. It is hard to believe he has now played 1000 NHL games. Congratulations Ovi. It has been a privilege and pleasure to watch Ovi play in all these games and Cap fans are lucky to be able to watch such a great player. Ovie is the greatest Cap player ever and one of the all time great NHL players and a sure Hall of Famer. Thanks Ovi for all the great memories.
  22. Unlike every other position in hockey and most other sports, NHL defenseman is one that doesn't welcome a cavalier/maverick type of reputation. You want steady, reliable guys in those roles. One of the few positions in sports where "predictable" is considered a compliment. Orlov has a bit of that swashbuckling, rambunctious unpredictability that unsettles fans. It makes him difficult to fully embrace as an NHL defender. I like him. Even though he's not as steady as I might like him to be, that unsteadiness doesn't come from weaknesses or stupidity or lack of defensive IQ, as is often the case when "offensive defensemen" get scrutinized. He's not a dope or so fixated on offense that he's a defensive liablity (both things that plagued Mike Green). The frustrating thing about Orlov is that he's pretty much the opposite of that. He's smart and defensive-minded to a degree that often handcuffs the things that make him special. We don't see his brilliance enough, which can be frustrating. I think a lot of that is systems. 3 years of Trotz instilled a proper sense of discipline at the exact right time in his development, probably to a fault. I think he's got another gear he just hasn't been free to use. He's certainly not a bum by any measure.
  23. You'd have to weigh this idea against Holtby's willingness to go there. His NTC allows him to nix trades to 7 teams as I recall. So he'd have to be down with moving his family to Buffalo. I'd be okay trading Holtby under the right circumstances, too, but those circumstances have to include him agreeing to the deal. If I had to make a 7-team list of teams I absolutely would not want to play for (a combination of the quality of the team/organization and the fit of the city for my family), there's no question that Buffalo would make the cut. Very little upside to the organization or the locale.
  24. Orlov is having to eat up minutes because management lost 33% of last year's defense, He isn't your prototypical defensive defenseman but he does an adequate job. I've seen Carlson and Niskannen make many more egregious giveaways in our own end than Orlov ever does.
  25. Seems like somebody read my mind. I was thinking about this idea earlier this morning. I don't know if Buffalo is the spot but a sharp GM would pull the trigger on this deal this offseason. Holtby's skills have mildly diminished and we already know he can't do it in the playoffs when it really matters. Plus, Grubie is ready to be a full time starter. It makes no sense to wait because every year that passes Holtby's trade value will fall as his skills erode. With the dire need for defensemen on this team, this is a perfect opportunity to get one or maybe two good ones. As mentioned, other teams place a high value on recent Vezina winning goalies so the Caps should take advantage now.
  26. I actually live in Rochester. Buffalo is desperate for a good goaltender. I ran this idea by some lot of my buddies up here and they got pretty excited. Gotta remember the kind of value that Vezina winning goalie has. From Buffalo's perspective, guys like Holtby never come up on the market.
  27. If the Caps could get Ristolainen I would make that trade. I am not sure Buffalo would make that trade though.
  28. Regardless of whether the Caps advance past the second round this year and who the head coach is next season, I get the sense that Holtby should be traded. As a fan of Holtby, I find this odd to say, but I believe it will be in the best interest of the team this offseason for a couple of reasons. First, Gruby is ready to be a starter. I think this is pretty evident from his numbers and from an eye test. Second, Samsanov makes either Holtby or Gruby disposable. Third, Holtby will likely continue to be more expensive than Gruby, even after Gruby is re-signed. Whether Holtby should be traded or not, therefore, depends on the return we can get for him. Here's my thought: WSH Receives: Rasmus Ristolainen other small pieces Buffalo Receives: Holtby I feel like this makes sense for a few reasons. First, the salaries of risto (5.4M) and Holtby (6.1M) are comparable. Second, Risto is a right shot d, meaning we could let Carlson walk, who I am concerned will be overpaid (ie Oshie). Third, Risto is 5 years younger than Carlson, arguably is as good, has a higher ceiling, and will be cheaper. Fourth, not having to re-sign Carlson will give the caps relative flexibility in free agency. Fifth, Buffalo would like the deal as well. Getting a goalie of Holtby's caliber makes them competitive, especially if they manage to win the lottery and draft Dahlin (and maybe sign Carlson as an FA). Any thoughts on this idea?
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