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  2. Vrana is probably a lock, not sure about Walker. Either way I think the Caps get a few guys in the lineup. I think opening night roster will something like this. Bura Backstrom Oshie Ovi Kuzy Connolly Vrana Eller Wilson Chaisson Beagle Smith Pelly Other forwards I think will get in some games are Stephenson, Graovic, Walker Dmen I think will look like this. Orlov Niskanen Chorney Carlson Orpik Bowey Other dmen I think will get time with Caps are Djoos, Hobbs, Siegenhalter, Johansen
  3. It is, all it does is make the food more expensive
  4. NFL in London is stupid 😡
  5. I have the same opinion on Vrana. Graovac as a dman is an interesting thought. I like his size.
  6. But, we can all agree. . . Organic food is bullshlt 🤣😆
  7. cute, funny..... also not unlike the pot and kettle thing also, it doesn't even have to be controversial
  8. Alta, Rush and dew others should like this
  9. Granted I haven’t seen lot, but for Varna and Connolly to make this team and Chaisson, Walker and Peluso be the question marks of even having a job. . . Displaud the ideology that hasn’t gotten us out of the first round Along the same lines, and as 4Caps said we are very weak with depth at center, particularly in regards to face offs and size and D. Which, for better or worse, makes Gaorvac all but essential
  10. I think Vrana and Walker are locks to make the team. Vrana will play in the top 6 and Walker will be LW on 4 th line. To me Graovac has been the surprise of the camp. The problem is he plays center and he is not going to replace one of our centers sohe will have to move to wing. Will he be as effective as a winger. One thought I had was play him on the 4th line and he and Beagle would interchange positions. Beagle could play RW but he could take the faceoffs etc. I hope in one of these next games they play Graovac at wing.
  11. Hey Special! How ya been man? Good to see ya, again! Totally with you on the three forwards, especially Graovac! Also agree with your assessment on Vrana! But I'm not so sure on him being a lock, to start! (Hopefully I'm right). Trotz, earlier this week, was referencing the young forwards, who are competing for spots, said that the forward positions are wide open, AND, that none of these prospects have ANY guarantee of anything! What I thought was interesting, was his comments were made, at the end of a small conversation that evolved from first, talking about Vrana only, then gradually moving to HIM, and the other forward prospects included. The point being that Vrana, was, at least, a good part of the subject matter when he mentioned the "no guarantees" part. Now I'm not quoting him exactly, just paraphrasing! But it did give me a little hope that Vrana, may not be a lock. I'll give the youngster credit for speed, and he sort of had a deflected goal, certainly not a straight up shot by him, but I'll give him credit. However, Graovac, IMO, stood out, not just one little flash, but in many different scenarios, on Friday nights game! Grit, hustle, good board battles, and a good-sized guy, with deceptive speed, to boot! I'm sure he'll get a chance to show his talents in the regular season! Rush
  12. Walker, Graovac, and Chiasson are the three forwards I am most impressed with right now. Sadly, Vrana basically has a slot locked down so one of those three are probably looking at the 13th forward position. I would love to see Vrana sent down to Hershey for more development because I am not convinced that he will be any better than he was last year. In an ideal world they would dump Chorney and push Graovac back to D. 6'5 212lbs with that speed on the D line would be amazing.
  13. Murph has been amazing. The NYC fans still boo him, despite the fact that the Mets would not renew his contract. They must be be related to Pilly fans. Pilly and NY fans are both a bunch of bumbs, to use their terminology. a week or so ago, I think it was FP that said, the Nats are putting their track team on the field tonight. i think it was when Turner, Robles and Difo took the field at the same time
  14. Nats Daniel Murphy made that HR look too easy. Dead center field (424 ft) high up on the wall to take the lead 4-3 in top of the 10th. And yesterday Robles hit one to the warning track with a broken bat and tripled. Nats have some sick players with awesome power and speed.
  15. someone please wake me up when the season starts. nix that, wake me up when they win the first regular season game
  16. Nats and Mets might go to overtime
  17. Yeah. That give away for the E/N was downright comical.
  18. this is bullshat, running out of time to learn how to score
  19. from here it doesn't look like a good idea
  20. Nope. They're still battling to stay.
  21. Has Scotland given up on leaving?
  22. Europe, yes. European Union, up in the air.
  23. We haven't left the EU yet.....
  24. but not part of Europe
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