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  2. Do we really know why Schmidt was left unprotected? Maybe the Caps thought he was expendable. Maybe he didn't want to be here. I didn't mind Schmidt but I think people here are overrating him. He could develope into a very good dman but isn't there yet. We do have a prospect that I think is ready for the NHL
  3. i don't need encouragement and my feelings won't change on the matter. i'll try to ignore it
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  5. Yeah, pretty dry on hockey right now. Main point of my post was to agree with you about need for moderators. Then, mentioning MYSELF taking a break from the subject, as Detroit had suggested in an earlier post. Was not addressing you, personally, to drop the subject, at all. However, in an earlier post, Maaco, I HAD tried to encourage you to not let the subject bother you too much. That's about it. All good here. Rush
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  7. It wasn't a matter of Schmidt not wanting to stay in Washington, in fact I think it was just the opposite, he wanted to stay but didn't have any say in the matter as Vegas picked him in the expansion draft. He will be missed but hopefully we have some young prospects who will step up.
  8. FYI, if anyone is looking for a new jersey(old...) they are on sale, 65 bucks! Other things were on sale as well, but I thought the jersey prices were great. I was there at the blood drive last weekend, bought a visor for 10 bucks, bought an Edge jersey for 95 and having letters put on.
  9. I love Schmidty, I didn't want to see him go. I guess he didn't want to stay in DC, but I really don't blame him for leaving, he's in the shadows here, and in Vegas he'll be one of the main D guys. "He was extended a qualifying offer prior to the expansion draft in June, but the offer came from Washington. Nonetheless, the two sides will have until Aug. 3 to come to terms on a new deal."
  10. pretty close to that. she gives me a hard time but it's all in fun. i don't usally spill my beer but the damn cat knocks it off the nighstand on occasion.
  11. you guys don't need to tell me this topic should be in another thread. tell the people that bring it up.i don't like the topic at all. gets me wound up. i'd love to talk hockey but nothing is happening.
  12. Yep!!! Do you get the "do not bring a beer to bed because you're gonna fall asleep and spill it!" . . . I get that every time, followed by my saying something like "the more you make laugh the longer it will take me to kill this beer ". . , Lady's the best
  13. LOL. Excellent Peter Sellers as "Chauncey", the gardener. Very underrated, and very hilarious movie, and quite unique when it came out. Haven't seen it in ages!! "There will be growth, in the spring".
  14. 100% agree with you. Have seen talk of past moderators, but am not familiar with how they are chosen. I have no clue on the accountability chain on forums, other than the personal posts and urgings of our members. And to be honest, I'm not sweating it much right now. Anyway, this subject is surprisingly popular, and maybe more needs to be addressed. But I agree with Detroit that it should be moved from THIS offseason thread. Maybe it's own thread. This really is hockey "doldrums" time, right now, but I'm gonna take a break from the troll/moderator stuff, unless I'm quoted or something. Hockey news is at a snails pace, but it'll be here before we know it! Rush
  15. lol sounds like my house. go to bed with a beer, put on a tv show and pass out during the opening credits. sad but true. we were thinking of watching bloodline. have seen abit of house od cards and orange. current shows we follow are game of thrones, ray donavon. archer, ncis, westworld, trailer park boys, the blacklist, the expanse. not sure which i like best.
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  17. . . .when you a picture of an ass_wuth_a_crown and read "what do you like to watch" . . . .
  18. What do you like to watch?
  19. i have been an admin and moderator on other forums and that kind of behavior wouldn't be tolerated. but with absolutely no moderation i completely understand why the vets are policing the forum. let's get back to talking hockey even though little is happening
  20. i've read it and i understand his reasoning. i guess the real problem is the lack of moderators
  21. i see. not sure why paid would take on the responsibility by himself. asking for help could have made things easier.
  22. There we go! Great questions for moving forward for solutions! way to go Lily! 👍
  23. Maaco, I encourage you to re-read the post from "Just win caps", where you quoted and said that his description of the system doesn't work. He has expressed, IMO, a good balanced understanding of the wide parameters and dynamics, of how this forum behaves "collectively" with trolls. The "WE" he uses, includes those members that try to ignore, those that are harsh, those that don't like confrontation, and anything in between. I personally haven't been through a big troll run yet, but I have participated in a few GDTs, and really enjoy the experience, in real time, with other members. I can definitely imagine how a few trolls could hamper the fun, at a minimum, and some here GUARD that differently than you. We have enjoyed some GOOD hockey discussion back and forth with hardly ANY troll interference. Yet I haven't really seen either of us CONFRONT trolls. You seem to have a good empathy capacity for people. Maybe more than average. That's a good quality to have in life, IMHO, but it does seem to cause a higher sensitivity for you, to confrontation, as you've stated about yourself already. So can you consider that, although you may disagree with some of these vets tactics with trolls, that both you, and I, and other members, DO reap the benefit of a "troll-lite" forum here. You may be kinder, others may be more harsh....AND WE MOVE ON! Pre season will be here before we know it!! Rush
  24. Sleepy time for me now. I really, really would like to know who is answerable for and to our discussion boards.
  25. What makes you think he didn't? I, personally think it's quite an important issue to discuss and God only knows there's not much else to talk about. You got something else? Fill your boots........ I'd love to get back to talking hockey. That is why we're all here, after all.
  26. Volunteers yes, but asking for assistance to maintain a standard that you can't do alone should go along with volunteering. But this recent topic has pretty much detailed this thread, so we should probably move it to a new one as those with notifications aren't seeing much about the off season . . .
  27. All Mods are volunteers, no? It's hardly Paid's job, or remit to recruit others. Surely that's down to whomever is running the site. Right now we have no idea as to who that is, so we have no recompense. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to make accountable. Hence we are left to our own devices and we do the best we can. Untill somebody steps up and takes ownership and responsibility, it is down to us to keep this forum running. I'm sorry that people like Maaco and derek feel butt-hurt, but if it wasn't for some of us, this site wouldn't even exist anymore and if it did it would be an extension of the Fouls site. It's very easy for somebody to come on recently and to criticise some of us. You weren't here before.
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