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  2. Lol! Yep, one or two........ I Alan May.
  3. Crap, I left out all the important stuff!
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  5. yeo. . .guess being punching bags and mere participants gets money from soccer moms who don't let there kids leave the house without a helmet, muslim sympathizers and other effeminates. . .
  6. I started watching hockey when my dad bought a satellite dish. Not like the dishes now, but a big one in the backyard that moved to link with various satellites as you typed in TS1 or TS2 - I think stood for telestar - there were a bunch of them. I would mostly get direct feeds from networks - no commercials and hear the broadcasters talk during breaks and this was before they would scramble them. After awhile I got to know which satellites were the best to look for games on. Al Koken would always look at himself in the monitor in a very smug and self-satisfied way before they would go live. These were the days of Mike Fornes and Al Koken - Koken did the color and Fornes the pbp. The first game a remember vividly was the Easter Epic... Blades of Steel was the **** on the NES, and some of the most memorable games from back then was TOR/DET.
  7. Nope. This one still pisses me off, as was discussed here when it happened. I think this was the beginning of the soft "euro trash" playing style.
  8. If wee of played like that we wouldn't if lost to an inferior opponent the past two years
  9. But. . . We win president trophies and made a splash at the trade deadline! So if we keep greeting and doing more of the "pass first, passive aggressive, selfless, non-shot blocking, non-physical, crease avoiding" there's "a chance"!!
  10. Exceot in a shoot out or a co-ed league
  11. Trotz did a good job in Nashville with very little talent. Surprised the team even made the playoffs. Nashville has more talent now but I feel the only reason they made it this far is because of the play of Rinne.
  12. My hockey nostalgia is more like this and this This stop hitting after you hit ice bs is a very recent development Hey Lil, recognize any names in those videos???
  13. lots and lots of soap and water. but you gotta be careful there too or the damn thing might go off
  14. Lol Alta Unfortunately, at 16, had to learn that one the hard way! I'd even wiped my hands off first, but there still must have been a residual. All I know is, there is NO extinguishing "the burn"! A buddy's mother was kind enough to feed us crabs, after football practice, one early evening. Weather was quite hot, had a few crabs, got up from the picnic table, bathroom was occupied, so took a quick whiz behind the shed. Sat back down, and no more than 60 seconds later, a harmless little tingle, out of nowhere, started happening just south of my navel. Within another 30 secs, The entire kit and caboodle was AFLAME!!! The two minute run back home, to find some privacy, in football pants and sweating, only helped feed those damn "Old Bay fire dragons"! Dont recall any first aid training for this one, so what to do? At the risk of TMI...I'll tell ya! You sit there, in your birthday suit, practically dry humping an ice-filled Glad sandwich baggie, for 5 mins! A small fan, stretegically aimed, howling like a banshee into a pillow, hoping that your mom won't check on you in your basement bedroom!! You're afraid it will never stop!! It eventually wears off very slowly, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!! Latex gloves? Great advice, Alta LOL Rush
  15. Ha ha ha! Let me guess... The moon was bright and full? Luv ya babes! Maybe next year... maybe I'll come over and disrupt your lives again..... For a short period of time. (Pun intended) Ha ha!
  16. if it makes you feel any better I had a fiancé once, only once, but we fought once a month like clockwork. wanna guess when it happened
  17. It's the same religion. But yeah. I get it. I get what you're saying. I repeat that it isn't about religion, it's about power and religion is being used as a tool.
  18. there is a big difference between Muslims and islam, if you look at what i said, Muslims are victims too. and anyone that thinks they need to cover their face while they impose their opinion on others is a true coward
  19. Thanks for the PM. I have to disagree about pretty much most of what you posted here. Muslims are not all terrorists. There is nowhere in the Muslim religion, or any of their doctrine that says it's okay to blow up 8 year old kids. The people that do this are fundamentally damaged and mentally unsound. They are as much victims as the people they are used to kill and murder. It is the people that incite them to commit these atrocities that are to blame and they may use religion as an excuse, or reason, but you don't see them running towards their 40 virgins, do ya? They are using religion as a weapon, as an excuse. There is no religion in the world, on this earth that advocates what these poor saps are being asked to do. Told to do. Every single religion preaches peace and tolerance. This distortion towards terrorism is for personal power and political gain only. As for your prison comment, I'm sure they're all angry about something. Hell I get a little unnecessary once a month - every month, as you know.... It's got **** all to do with religion and my beliefs don't come in to it. Being locked up, I'm sure just focuses their pent up energies and their frustration distorts their views. It doesn't change the fact that murdering an 8 year old girl is an act of cowardice and that's how we should treat them. As cowards,
  20. This is my proposal for this offseason theme
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  22. neither player would be my first choice
  23. That's how it's done, rich!
  24. Yeah, at least make a funny...
  25. Yes I think so and I agree with you. But I tend to agree with alta also. I really worry about what is to come for England and France and us too if we don't do something differently.
  26. dude, every thread?
  27. parts of the page still don't load correctly
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