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  2. Welcome BMC26! Tonight @ verizon.
  3. Tix go on sale tonight at 7 PM.
  4. Ooooh! Just noticed I got 1000 likes. Do I get a prize? How about an extra "like" to use. I ran out yesterday. I don't understand why there is a limit of 10 likes.
  5. Yup. I tried soooooo hard to be nice too.......... Even though he gave himself away pretty early on. On a + note, we have Paid back. Hope he's not got any plans for the next couple of weeks..........
  6. Just consider Leafswillbeback a warmup for the Pittsburgh trolls that will surely land in the next few days.......kind of like the Maple Leafs were a warmup for the Caps before taking on the Penguins.
  7. heh, Ill be damned, therye only a couple days apart aren't they? Must just seem like Orlov is older because Orlovs been around the Caps, (and IR, and the year up and down 83) for a while. While I would like to keep them both, I would definitely prefer to let Orlov walk then loose a couple players to overpay for him
  8. How does age favour Schmidt? Orlov is a bit younger than Schmidt. I would like to see them keep both if possible.
  9. New to the community so sorry if I missed a thread on this that already exists, but any word on single game tickets going on sale for the Penguins series? Or is it already sold out to season ticket holders? Just know I went to Ticketmaster this morning and it said they hadn't gone on sale yet.
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  11. That's really wasn't what I was talking about, but age and salary both favor Schmidt. What I was referring to is we won't get much if any muscle, aggression, and intensity with GMBetaMale doing the signing
  12. I'm not praising Schultz but he wasn't the worst defender in the league. Wasn't even the worst on the team. Mike Green was way worse.
  13. I would take Orlov over Schmidt anyday. Schmidt is a good skater but Orlov is better at everything else.
  14. Agreed. ESPECIALLY the "needing some snarl" comment. Honestly, what I wanted at the trade deadline was a bruising D man. The lack of one makes Orpik not so look so bad in my eyes. I know everyone here loves to hate on him, and I know he is slow and past his prime and over paid, but.... Who else on this team properly introduced these young Leafs to the blue line like Orpik did this series? He made a difference I think. I would gladly unload his contract, but SOMEONE on this team has to HIT opponents in the playoffs. Ovi does his share of hitting and of course Wilson, but you need a punishing D man. Alzner is our best D but not really a big hitter. Orlov gets guys now and then, but Orpik is the most punishing to the opponent. I would love to move him after the season, but we need his grit since we are so lacking there. Shorten his minutes because of his age and speed, but you have to have him (or someone like him) in the playoffs punishing wingers at least now and then. I have not completely given up on Shatty. He has not had a good series, but he was at least an attempt at improving the D. I think he is better on the PP than anyone else there (Carlson...please) I would still rather had a bruiser, but you can't have what isn't available. Go Caps!
  15. Shattenkirk hasnt panned out but if I still can't fault the GM for that. He saw we needed depth on Di and pulled the trigger for the best guy available. If not for number 22 we would've played the last several playoff games with Chorney I advocated for a veteran forward at the trade deadline because we needed veteran depth there too. Vrana ain't gonna cut it. GM left us short there
  16. That useless POS finished a record +55 and never played in the NHL again
  17. Agreed, but we won't get much if any more than that with GMBetaMale and/or Patrick around
  18. The best way is Beagle and Wilson, but it will be Suzy or Keller but it would be nice to have Stevenson in place of Connlley right now. He's gone from value to liability
  19. Plenty of time in the offseason to discuss but I'll bite... Alzner is the guy they must keep. This past series demonstrates just how bad things can get for us on D very quickly. Love Oshie but it's all about the salary cap. Every penny we have after #27 goes to making sure #92 stays around. I know he's restricted but perhaps there's opportunity to extend him now. Because of the cap I like Schmidt over Orlov. I think Dimitri is the better player but he's going to cost alot more. Both are restricted but #88 should get the love. Besides, I only need one of those type players on my team not two. What the Caps really need is a hitter back there with some sand. Williams, Connolly, Winnik all can go. Cap reasons for Williams. I can't stand Connolly. He had value this season because he cost nothing but I don't want him anywhere near this team going forward. Winnik either. We can find 4th line players. It's not okay to be just a veteran who's defensively responsible. You need to bring one thing special to the team. A guy like Chimera for instance had speed to go with his veteran status. That's what makes Wilson so valuable. To have a player who can hit like that, bring energy like that, fight like that and score like that is such a rarity. People look at the stat sheet and think he's not a top 6 guy but he doesn't need to be. And that's what i want out of my supporting cast. Dump the expiring contracts and spend it on players who bring something to the table. What this team needs most of all is some snarl so that Wilson doesn't have to do it all. Someone who can agitate, hit, bang the boards and raise the tempo when the team starts to flatline.
  20. As for Pittsburgh, I can't wait to see if he hits the reset button and restores the lines he used for most the year or continues with what recently has worked. I still don't think shortening the bench and skating Connolly 5 and Winnik less than 10 minutes the game is the right idea. But then again maybe it is if it means skating sitting #10 and keeping 7D. We'll see. The other part I'm curious to see is how they match up w/ the Malkin and Kessell line. In the Toronto series they trusted Williams/Kuznetsov/Mojo to match up with Matthews, but I think the Pens #2 line might just run them over.
  21. Toronto put up one heckuva fight. Still gotta give Trotz credit for making the adjustment with Wilson. Leafs were up 2 games to 1 and had all the momentum when he made the move. They never won another game. Taking a team that skated 4 lines all year with great success and shortening the bench paid off for him. It's the type of "in series" adjustment that sometimes must be made. The "we do what we do" mentality might've sunk us. I certainly didn't think it would work but as someone (Micksix?)pointed out you skated 4 lines all season so you could get to this spot. Now they should be fresh and ready. Toronto I don't think had pressure on them until they were up and all of a sudden had a real chance not many had given them before. Babcock is a heckuva coach and they've got a ton of young talent and a bright future. I thought our players played within the system and with great intensity throughout but I would've liked to see them be more physical with those young players. 19-22 year olds should have to learn about the playoffs the hard way.
  22. Alzner. . . Oshie's role can be replaced in the organization, and we're down to one. two at most D prospects (Stevenson and Bowery) that are likely to be everyday NHL players, and lost what, a second and third for Shattenkrap? Chances are Alzner will be a lower cap hit too. . .
  23. I have to agree with King Jackass Old Fart Hat on this one. We (and I mean someone on these boards) had this same discussion (at length) last year. I think it was in an attempt to find a fantasy/charity way to keep Laich and not his contract so he could have a playoff run with a team he gave his heart and soul to. (By the way, I don't see him leading this young Toronto team through this year's playoffs) I went and looked up the CBA (last year) and.....NO you can not restructure or alter or change a contract unless it is an extension to a contract. That would pretty much defeat the purpose of trying to unload a contract. Unless of course you could get a player/agent/CBA to agree to extend a current 5 year $27.5 million with two years remaining at 5.5 mill cap hit per year to add a 6th year for $1 Not sure that would help your cap... Would it then take the 11mil two year and spread it over three years? And would you really WANT to add Orpik for another year for $1
  24. Hypothetically speaking.... Considering nothing else, if you could only keep one of the two, do you re-sign Alzner or Oshie?. (This assumes Alzner is healthy and no injury) It's one OR the other. I love Oshie and he is a big impact player, and I would certainly make all efforts to sign him, but we are sorely short on D-men (and I mean the good defensive kind) so I have to say Alzner. Again it is only one OR the other, you can't have both.
  25. He's not, he's a Hens fan and showed it 99 if not100% of trolling on here are Hens fans, and most of them do song and dance routines like that or, "I'm just here to talk" or "friendly back and fourth" etc., and it'an act. They are just here to troll
  26. Sorry Lil, No feud here. Mbayne for some reason took a post I made in sarcasm (to AJ) and used to personally attack me with it. I don't know why, and not sure why it turned political. Now its just political hack talk trashing up the boards so I will continue to ignore it. I should have just ignored it from the beginning, but didn't like the personal attack. I apologize to the true Cap Fans that come here to talk about HOCKEY and not here for some other agenda. GO CAPS
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