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  2. If some major changes aren’t made, from the offices down youre completely right.
  3. I don't almost expect them to lose....I absolutely expect it. They aren't just losing either, they are getting blown out many nignts. That's a talent problem AND and effort problem. They still have big wins too, but in their division they'll be outside looking in IMO.
  4. Ya the stress is gone. Its almost like you expect them to lose
  5. I think Carlson has played well in stretches but he has made his share of bonehead plays as well. Bad thing he is easily our best dman right now. Orpik was solid in a few games but has been horrendous in several games including lastnight. Niskanen just hasn't played well at all this year. Neither has Orlov but I think his game has improved lately. With these guy mentoring the 2 young guys I'm surprised they are playing as well as they are. One thing I can say about Carlson is at least he is generating some offense for us. Lately the strength of our pp has been Carlson's shot from the right point and Oshie in front of the net for a tip. And Connolly. Well he did get a goal last night. Cant say anything else positive about him. On the 2nd goal last night he sure got turned inside out by McKinnon. Niskanen kind if hung Connolly out to dry by getting aggressive going after the puck carrier. If Niskanen is going to make that play, he has to do it at the blue line. The guy was already in too deep. After watching that disaster I would guess Vrana replaces Walker. Who knows.
  6. I'm not even stressed over this team anymore. I wanted a firesale this past off season. When we didn't get it I figured this would be a train wreck of a season. Management is getting what it asked for. This is a mentally broken core of vets and kids who aren't NHL ready or perhaps simply not NHL level talent. I still look for these guys to miss the playoffs and hopefully the firesale comes at the deadline.
  7. Most would. These are always a nonstop party with our friends and family,. . (well when we’re not working (vpn is amoung the greatest We’re gettin a coople to come with us to Detroit, you should look into join us
  8. Vrana got benched because his 200 ft game is complete crap!!! As is the case with many of our guys right now!! I think Vranas trip to the press box was well deserved!! Haven't watched Trotz as closely the last few days, but didn't hear him say the Connolly comment!! I'll take your word for it, but it doesn't sound like his style, to throw out a negative like that, right as Connolly's coming back from injury! I'm not on Connolly s bandwagon, like last year, but hope he improves! Carlson played, IMHO, DECENTLY, in one or two games straight, during our little win streak, in recent past! The sad part, I feel, is that his overall and CUSTOMARY, bad play, has caused the many of us who dislike him, to have grown accustomed to it, resulting in much lowered expectations for #74! So low, that just him "doing his job", translates to him "having a great game"!! I'm not happy, but relieved, when he plays a game where he HASNT cost us much!! So if we get a good game out of him, GOOD, I say, please keep it up!!! (BUT WE KNOW THAT AINT HAPPENIN')!!! Of course NOW, were imploding a bit, as a team!! Funny, isn't it, that Carlson doesn't stand out too much when almost everyone is playing like fecal matter!! That's because he usually matches that backround PRETTY WELL! LOL Rush
  9. Actually I do
  10. He showed disappointment. Thats why he benched Vrana. He also told Connolly that him being bumped up to the 3rd line wasn't because he earned it. He seems to be taking it out on the young guys. The veterans have to start taking responsibility. Our dcore is playing brutal and its the vets that are killing us. Maybe I'm imagining things but I thought Carlson was playing better when the team was leaning on him. He hasn't been as good the last couple of games.
  11. LOL!😁
  12. I like Trotz but it might be time to make a change.
  13. I saw a coach with nothing left
  14. Trotz post game, looked quite dejected. Called the game "junk"!! It's about time he shows some disappointment!!! Maybe too little, too late!! Al Koken ripping the Caps for coming out in 1st period, similar to last game, 1st period!! "Thumbs down, down, down"!!
  15. Thats why we should get a new coach who might have new ideas. As you say maybe Trotz has taken this team as far as he can, whether a new coach could do better is open to question.
  16. Starting to look a bit messy, buddy! (understatement implied)!! I may have to go "double booze" on Saturday!! LOL Stumped, at the moment, for solutions! Where do you start the f**kin conversation for problem resolution? Alan May talking about Avalanche shooting high, all night! Not really looking for answers right now. It's a little too late tonight, but this isn't feeling too good, I will tell you that!
  17. or, my wife kisses my kids with that mouth
  18. The way we are playing in our end, Tampa Bay has a shot at double digits.
  19. It wasn't his skating that was the problem. It was his decision making. He made a couple mistakes that ended up in our net. Obviously we made a lot of mistakes.
  20. I don't know what else Trotz can do with this team.
  21. The Bolts are on fire, and will be in town in a week
  22. He did skate but it still is not the same as playing in a game. He is just rusty but that is to be expected.
  23. Not what I heard. BTW I have the same feelings for Niskanen that most people have for Carlson. I've never liked him. Always thought we overpaid for him and thought he has underachieved. So when he makes a mistake its magnified for me. I hope he starts playing better for the teams sake.
  24. I am starting to think the same thing. If we don’t turn this around in this upcoming homestand it may be lights out.
  25. I wasn't on the team doctors email list, that's what was reported here. Im sure it had something to do with blood flow/pressure causing excessive pain to the injury, based on what I've experienced
  26. Actually Oshie did play with Kuzy and Ovi and the Avalanche scored. The goal however was overturned. Yes I am very concerned with the play of Backstrom.
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