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  2. I don't really like the wide red cummerbund. But I like everything else. Well, no Weagle... :-/
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  4. Its so sad to see what has happened. When people come to the official website of the Washington Capitals and go to the discussion boards and they see this they must be shocked.
  5. There is no argument that numbers are dwindling as the thread posts and activity speak for themselves. Some significant changes occurred that were not well announced to the board and that seemed to be the catalyst in my view.
  6. Does this site still have the regulars? Haven’t chatted with a lot of you in awhile. Was shocked to see how small even GDT’s are now.
  7. Anybody not hating these?
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  9. Glad we got the win but still turning the puck over way too much for my liking. Our young D-men are showing their inexperience and we still rag the puck way too much on offense. We need to get traffic in front of the net and start shooting more. The hockey lately is starting to look like playoff hockey where you wont get very many clean looks. We need to develop a greasy goal mentality. Shout outs to Willie and Lars who continue to skate their a$$es off. We have the goaltending. We can score when we put our mind to it. Need to clean up the turnovers in our own end and shoot more. Time for the stretch run.
  10. How about that win. Was that an ending or what, I wonder what the Caps record is for the least amount of time left when winning goal is scored. Nice goal by Connolly too to tie it up. I have to admit that I did not think Caps would win when we were behind with less than 5 minutes left. The Caps should have a good vacation as this send them off feeling good about themselves.
  11. Pretty good period although I thought Carolina had more scoring chances than Caps. Eller with another goal, he is playing well and he and Oshie have good chemistry. While Smith-Pelly works hard I am not sold onhim being on the 1st line. I think after the break there may be a change on that line.
  12. Let's GO CAPS!
  13. Round 2 between the Caps 27-14-3, 57 points and the Canes 20-15-8, 48 points takes place tonight in Raleigh. Caps need to bounce back from a disappointing loss last night and it is not going to be easy. Carolina will be playing at home and since they for the most part are a younger team than the Caps playing a back to back game should not be as difficult for them as the Caps. I was impressed with the way Carolina played last night they really forechecked hard and backchecked like crazy. I did not realize that Carolina gives up the fewest SOG in the league but that is what Joe B stated last night. In the third period, the Caps defenseman were really activating and that was good to see, they had several good scoring chances. I think they should do that from the get go in tonight’s game. We need to generate more shots. Also hopefully our PP will get its act together tonight. Since Burakovsky is ill and didn’t make the trip the lines most likely will be the same as last night along with the defense pairings: Ovie Backstrom Smith-Pelly Vrana Kuznetsov Wilson Connolly Eller Oshie Stephenson Beagle Chaisson Orlov Niskanen. Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Grubauer will be in the net for the Caps and Ward will be in the net for Carolina, Referees for tonight’s game will be Steve Kozari and TJ Luxmore. The game will be on NBCSW plus. To me the key for the Caps tonight will be their passing. To beat Carolina’s forecheck, the Caps have to move the puck quickly with crisp passes. We can’t get trapped in our own end. Also as peviously stated, the Caps need to generate more shots and quality scoring chances. We will not win this game scoring 1goal. Hopefully, the Caps minds will be on the game and not the upcoming bye week. Frankly, I am worried about this game and don’t particularly like the Caps chances of winning this game. Hope I am wrong. GO CAPS!
  14. Local hockey club raising funds to support there trip to Quebec with a large raffle and auction. Follow the link to get more information and start bidding to purchase a Alex Ovechkin game-used, autographed stick with a Certificate of Authenticity....
  15. Carolina has been up and down, they played decent against Tampa, but got blown out by Boston the other day. I think Darling will be in net for them tonight, he has been rather not so good this year, but with the Caps penchant to make not so good goalies look like all stars by missing the net with the few shots they do take, who knows what will happen.
  16. Caps 27-13-3, 57 points take on the Carolina Hurricanes 19-15-8, 46 points in the first game of a back to back series. Caps will play Carolina in Raleigh tomorrow night. It would be sweet if the Caps could get 3 out of a possible 4 points in this series. I think tonight’s game is the key, Caps need to win tonight and it is not going to be easy, as last week’s game against Carolina proved. Caps gave up a 2 goal lead and had to come back on two goals by Ovie to win it 5 to 4 in OT. I expect another close game tonight as Carolina has been playing well lately. They lost a tough one against Tampa Bay on Tuesday night. Based on the morning skate it appears that Connolly and Chorney will be the healthy scratches and the lines will be: Ovie Backstrom Smith-Pelly Vrana Kuznetsov Wilson Burakovsky Eller Oshie Stephenson Beagle Chaisson Defense pairings will be the same as before: Orlov Niskanen Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Holtby will be in net tonight. The officials for tonight’s game will be Brad Meier and Trevor Hanson. In the DC area the game will be on NBCSW and outside the Washinton area it will be on the NHL Network. I am intrigued by the new third line, that could be a very potent line if Burakovsky and Oshie can find their scoring touch. The second line had a dominant performance against the Canucks and I hope to see more of the same tonight. Wilson adds a lot to that line and in the Vancouver game he had numerous scoring chances. He just needs to convert on some of them. Vrana also had a strong game and Kuzy scored a goal. Hope to see more from the 1st line, it had a realtively quiet game Tuesday night.
  17. Braden Holtby will join Ovie and Trotz at the All-Star Game as he was named today when they announced the rosters. It is richly deserved because I believe he is the number one reason the Caps are where they are today in the standings. Unfortunately John Carlson did not make it and he clearly has better numbers than Kris Letang who was selected but there was no way the Caps were going to have three players on the team. So Congratulations to the three of them. Also the Caps locker room staff was selected to be the Metro Division locker room staff so good for them too.
  18. I think some of that is that Vancouver stopped skating in the 2nd and then played with a desperation in the third, the Caps were more even than normal throughout. Normally the Caps stop skating in the 2nd and the other team skates circles around them...
  19. My final comment on last night’s game. I understand we were protecting a 2 goal lead in the 3rd period and therefore were not pushing the attack but you can’t just sit back and give up 20 shots on goal. That is ridiculous. If we were playing a good team and played like that is there any doubt we would have given up at least 2 goals. How can you play so well in the 2nd period and then play like we did in the third. I am getting exasperated with this team. Gruby was clearly the number one star last night.
  20. That is more like it. Outshot the Canucks 18 to 4 that period , unfortunately we only scored one goal. Not sure how we missed on some of our other good chances. Kuzy should have had one more. Would like to see Burakovsky get a goal tonight.
  21. Not a great period we were really flat in the beginning. Fortunate to be leading. Have to play better if we are going to win this game.
  22. Only via PM is the only method unless they have shared info outside the forum.
  23. Let's GO CAPS! Will be attending tonight!
  24. Caps 26-13-3, 55 points take on the struggling Vancouver Canucks 16-20-6, 38 points. This is the proverbial trap game as the Canucks have lost 4 in a row and sit near the botton of the NHL standings while the Caps have won 4 in a row and 9 in a row at home. However, the Caps should not be feeling too smug as in their previous meeting this season in October, the Canucks took it to the Caps by a score of 6 to 2. Hopefully, the Caps will use that as a motivating factor in tonight’s game. You cannot lose two games to a bottom dweller like the Canucks. Based on the morning skate it appears that Stephenson will be in the lineup tonight and Chaisson will be sitting. The lines to begin the game at least will be: Ovie Backstrom Smith-Pelly Vrana Kuznetsov Wilson Connolly Eller Oshie Stephenson Beagle Burakovsky Defense pairings will be the same as last game Orlov Niskanen Djoos Carlson Orpik Bowey Grubauer will be in net and the officials will be Kevin Pollock and Kendrick Nicholson. Game will be on NBCSW. A player on Vancouver to keep an eye on is Brock Boeser who is a rookie and has scored 22 goals and 40 points. He is the leading candidate to win the Calder trophy as the rookie of the year. Prior to playing in the NHL, he played two years with the University of North Dakota and Caps prospect Shane Gersich. GO CAPS!
  25. Anyone know Beaglefan2's contact information?
  26. That is an excellent suggestion Lady 1908. I hope beaglefan2 follows up with your suggestion.
  27. If you reach out to NovaCaps blog they would probably be thrilled to do an article on you and your story.
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